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Cultural Holidays in Armenia
Cultural Holidays in Armenia

Cultural Holidays in Armenia

Firstly we had one of the best tiger viewings our guide had seen in awhile. It carried a fresh kill right infront of our truck in the morning and in the afternoon we found a small family of tigers and we watched them Eat and play just a stones throw away from us. This trip takes in so much Beautiful Architecture. Of course there is the Taj Mahal but other less known forts are very impressive, very detailed and much more preserved than I was expecting. I do wish it had more time inside the cities to see more ‘real life’ india. We were bused from hotel door to fort entrance a lot which is the easiest way and probably the best in the heat but you do feel like you miss whats going on around. I would have liked more time to weave the small streets of Jodhpur with the Blue houses and to experience ‘markets’ rather than rest-stop giftshops. This trip was very busy but we covered a lot of areas and you cant help the distance required to get to each one. Bus journeys were long but roads are improving and times are getting quicker. There are plenty of stops, if you are someone who doesnt need to stop these can feel frustrating or like the journeys are longer than necessary but its a group tour and there are always others that appreciate the rest stop – and you have to think of the driver. Meals in hotels were reasonable but restaurants and especially some lunch stops were more expensive than you would expect for India as they were touristy but its probably better than getting unwell, this trip is too busy to be risking that.

Melissa Hammond Colours of Rajasthan

This was a fast paced tour covering many miles. Wonderful scenery, snow capped mountains and desert plains. Lovely walks to mountain waterfalls some still frozen. Glad to see Exodus are including Khiva in the tour now as this was a highlight with its impressive city walls. We enjoyed every part of the trip including the sleeper trains (perhaps not the 3am start.) The Eagle hunter was a highlight. We were in Bukhara for the silk and spice festival and enjoyed the colourful bustle and music. Lots of souvenirs to buy there. Everywhere wonderful decoration and architecture. The cities themselves were surprisingly modern and showed evidence of their Soviet past.

Vivien Newrick The Silk Road

So well organised from booking to every aspect of our time in Jordan. Bike ride was sometimes a little hard (some steep hills; for me anyway), but followed by more downhills. We had a crew following us, so no worries about bike equipment. In a small way (as much as you can in a week) we saw and heard about the Jordan culture from our excellent local guide. We saw wonderful sites and heard about their history; experienced the Dead and Red Seas. Highly recommend this trip. Even if you think the cycling is too hard there is help and transport for bits you would rather sit out.

Rinaldo Besate Petra & Wadi Rum by Bike