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Our children's prices are now up to 25% lower than the adult cost for Exodus-operated guided trips, and that goes for ages up to 16 years!


Adventure Holidays For Families

Types of Family Adventure Holidays

New Family Adventure Tours

Our Family Activity Holidays

On Offer

Costa Rica Adventure Family Holiday

15 Days from USD 4,479
USD 4,199

Experience Costa Rica's beautiful beaches, rainforest and wildlife

On Offer

Chopsticks & Coconuts Family Holiday

14 Days from USD 2,449
USD 2,249

Experience Vietnam from north and south

On Offer

Amalfi Coast: Pompeii & Pizza Family Holiday

8 Days from USD 2,099
USD 1,979

Discover Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius and the famous Amalfi Coast of Italy

On Offer

Egyptian Family Adventure

The Pyramids
9 Days from USD 2,099
USD 1,849

Explore the vibrant culture and ancient history of Egypt

On Offer

Namibian Family Adventurer

13 Days from USD 3,049

Experience Namibian desert wilderness, wildlife and culture

On Offer

Finnish Winter Adventure Family Holiday

husky ride through the Finnish wilderness
8 Days from USD 3,449
USD 3,079

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

See the Northern Lights in Finland

On Offer

Costa Rica Family Escape

Rafting Costa Rica
8 Days from USD 2,749

A week's escape in magical Costa Rica!

On Offer

South East Asia Adventure Family Holiday

14 Days from USD 2,379

Experience an action-packed journey across Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

On Offer

Petra & Wadi Rum Family Adventure

Petra and Wadi Rum Adventure
9 Days from USD 2,349

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones in Jordan


Highlights of our family adventure holidays

  1. Costa Rica Adventure: Traverse a world where volcanoes, waterfalls and rainforest combine with beautiful beaches. You’ll see some of this by boat, as you drift down the Tortuguero waterways in search of monkeys and toucans.
  2. Tropical Island Wanderer: Explore ancient sites that shaped Sri Lanka’s history. See the cave temple of Dambulla, the best-preserved temple in the country. Go out in search of elephants and leopards in the wild and cycle through lush, green paddy fields.
  3. Canoeing on the Dordogne: In this active family holiday, you’ll see all the Dordogne River has to offer at a leisurely pace. Marvel at the golden-pink limestone cliffs, walnut groves and truffle woods, while the medieval town of Martel will be explored when you step out of your canoe.
  4. Inca & Amazon Adventure: Brimming with history and nature, you’ll enjoy hikes along the classic Inca Trail and boat rides in the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy a morning tour of Machu Picchu when it’s at its quietest, savouring an unforgettable authentic experience.
  5. Finnish Winter Adventure: See how much fun Finland’s winter wilderness can be with all the staple modes of transport: cross-country skiing, dogsled and reindeer sleigh! You’ll also take things at a slower pace and drink in the scenery when you go snowshoeing together. No winter getaway would be complete without the Northern Lights, and this holiday ensures you have favourable conditions for seeing them.
  6. South East Asia Adventure: On this family holiday, you’ll get the best of three neighbouring but very different countries: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Sights include Bangkok’s opulent palaces and temples, a fast-paced rickshaw tour of Phnom Penh, and an idyllic experience of rural Cambodia’s fruit and pepper plantations. Taste many ways of life within one memorable trip!

FAQs on family adventure holidays

What are the main highlights of Exodus Activity Holidays for families?

Our activity holidays for families are packed with exciting adventures for thrill-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts and culture lovers alike. Discovering faraway places is a great way to spend time with your children and broaden their horizons. You’ll stay in family-friendly accommodation and enjoy all the new opportunities an unfamiliar country has to offer as you sample authentic regional cuisines, try new activities, see spectacular sights and experience different ways of life.

Our guided family activity holidays are designed for children 9-12 and 13-16, with varying activity gradings you can refer to. What’s more, you can enjoy excellent value for your money as we offer reduced prices for children up to the age of 16.

Why choose a family activity holiday?

Our guided family activity holidays have something to suit a broad range of ages. They are specifically designed to incorporate a wide range of activities from hiking and wildlife spotting to mountain biking. Imagine zip-lining above the Amazon Rainforest, dogsledding through the Finnish wilderness or exploring the Mekong Delta by boat! And because we grade our activities based on their difficulty, you can select the best adventure to suit your family’s abilities.

Activity holidays are a fantastic way to spend time together. By encouraging children to take part in new activities you’re teaching them to step out of their comfort zone and take risks. This can increase their self-confidence and improve their physical health. It can also strengthen relationships and improve communication.

Cultural experiences in new countries also promote diversity because they teach the family about different social and ethnic backgrounds.

How safe are Exodus family holidays?

Even before you set off on your trip, our experienced team will provide you with expert advice about all aspects of your holiday, including entry to the country.

All our guided activity holidays for families include highly experienced and fully trained tour leaders that have exceptional local knowledge. You will always be in safe hands throughout your trip. And should you become ill during your tour, they will assist you in securing medical attention.

Exodus is dedicated to your wellbeing and safety. We maintain small group sizes and ensure all destinations are approved. All accommodation, transport and food venues are checked for cleanliness and hygiene safety prior to your visit.

Where is the best place for a family adventure holiday?

The best places for family activity holidays depend on the interests of your family members.

Do you have a passion for wildlife and exploring exotic locations? If so, Costa Rica, Borneo, Namibia and Sri Lanka are all wonderful destinations that introduce you to some of the world’s most magnificent animals.

If you love to soak up diverse cultures and experience different traditions, perhaps Vietnam, Petra and Wadi Rum, or the Amalfi Coast would be more suitable.

Southern Turkey is the perfect destination for water-based activities such as sea kayaking, canyoning and scuba diving, If you prefer colder climates, you could even try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dogsledding in Finland.

Why are holidays good for families?

Besides enjoying time away from day-to-day stresses and creating fabulous memories, family activity holidays have a wealth of benefits. By encouraging children to learn new activities such as snorkelling, canoeing or even trekking through a rainforest, you’re teaching them to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, which can increase their self-confidence and improve their physical health.

Cultural experiences in new countries can also promote diversity by teaching the family about different social and ethnic backgrounds. Most importantly, though, going on holiday with the family can strengthen relationships and improve communication.

What kind of family holidays does Exodus offer?

Exodus prides itself on providing action-packed activity holidays for families, from a guided wildlife safari in Namibia and trekking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, to a wildlife adventure in Costa Rica. Each of our guided family tours is led by an expert leader who will introduce you to the history, culture and wildlife of the places you visit. Whether you prefer to enjoy a more leisurely eight days in Italy sampling the local pizza or taking on something more challenging, we offer a wide range of tours that will suit your family.

How suitable are these holidays for children?

We’ve crafted each family adventure holiday with one of two specific age ranges in mind: 9-12 and 13-16. But this doesn’t mean children outside that age bracket won’t be welcome.

If you’d like to get a better idea of the level of activity involved so that you can decide whether a holiday could be suitable for your child, simply refer to the child-centric activity grading shown on the page. This handy feature factors in how busy and physically challenging the itinerary is, as well as how much time is spent travelling from place to place.

After all, a holiday should be enjoyed by all members of the family. No one wants to spend a hike listening to frequent requests to sit down. With our grading system, we’ve made it easy for you to find an active family holiday that’s within everyone’s ability.

How active are Exodus family adventure holidays?

To make sure we cater to all families, you’ll find holidays with varying levels of activity. We’ve graded each holiday according to how much activity it involves.

  • A holiday rated “leisurely” shouldn’t be too taxing. We’ve aimed to reduce most of the activities on leisurely holidays to below 2 hours, though sometimes an airport transport may take longer.
  • A “moderate” activity holiday picks up the pace a little bit more. If you like your day to contain more activities than downtime, this may be the right holiday for your family.
  • Holidays that are rated “challenging” are great for families with older children, as long as you all have a good level of fitness and enjoy action-packed days. The climate may also be more demanding, so make sure you come prepared with the right gear!
Can children or adults opt out of any activities?

We know that even if you start out on an active family holiday with every intention of completing the itinerary, unforeseen circumstances may arise. If you or a younger member of your family need to sit an activity out, just speak to a member of staff.

What should we wear on a family adventure holiday?

This will depend on the season and climate of your destination. If any of your activities involve travelling to higher altitudes, make sure you bring layers regardless of how hot that country’s climate may generally be. Jeans are not advised as they are restrictive and retain water for longer. Cotton shirts are best avoided too.

Instead, look for breathable, waterproof clothing with moisture-wicking technology. For moderate and challenging holidays, a sturdy pair of shoes designed specifically for longer walks is a no-brainer.

If you’re travelling to a hot country, always come prepared with brimmed hats and lots of SPF.

What will the food be like on our family adventure holiday?

We know that a holiday abroad isn’t just about exploring the local area; it’s about exploring the cuisine too! We’ve tried to make sure that you’ll get ample opportunity to sample the local foods on all our family activity holidays.

Meals at your hotel will be included in many of our deals, but this is something you will need to double-check before you book.

Exodus is very involved in supporting local businesses. For this reason, you can expect your guide to help you discover the best local produce, recommending locally owned restaurants so your family and the community benefit.

How much does a family adventure holiday cost?

A great family holiday should give you the maximum value for your money. This is why you’ll find that a lot of our holidays often include authentic, experiential activities as well as your flights, accommodation and a local tour guide.

Child prices are generally 25% lower than the adult cost (10% lower for trips in North America) for Exodus-operated guided trips.

We always have a range of offers available, with discounted rates available if you have a flexible schedule.

We recently embarked on the Egyptian Family Adventure with our two children, aged 10 and 13. Our guide, Sayeed, truly stood out – he was not only friendly but also exceptionally knowledgeable and impressively organized. From the moment we were picked up at the airport, Sayeed efficiently managed hotel check-ins and all our excursions, making the entire trip stress-free. The itinerary unfolded seamlessly, taking us from the bustling streets of Cairo to the awe-inspiring Great Pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx, perched on the desert’s edge, creating a captivating contrast between ancient and modern Egypt. These pyramids, with a history spanning thousands of years, are a testament to the remarkable ingenuity of their builders. Remarkably, the Great Pyramid, the largest among them, stands as the sole surviving Wonder of the Ancient World. In the afternoons, we had leisure time to unwind at our hotel, explore Cairo, or delve into the treasures of the Egyptian Museum, home to the world’s most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the astonishing golden riches from Tutankhamun’s tomb. Sayeed’s advice to rise early for visits to the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple was spot on. We also explored the Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple, and were treated to an evening light show at Karnak Temple, which vividly retells the dramatic history of ancient Thebes. Our journey concluded in Hurghada, a lively coastal resort perfectly situated for sea-based and desert adventures. After a midday meal, we embarked on a semi-submersible vessel resembling a yellow submarine, offering us a glimpse into the captivating underwater world of the Red Sea’s coral area. Snorkeling was also on the agenda, allowing us to explore the underwater beauty before returning to solid ground. Overall, our trip was a remarkable experience, thanks to Sayeed’s expert guidance and the meticulously planned itinerary. The Highlights: Our exploration of Egypt was a remarkable opportunity to discover many of the country’s iconic attractions. With knowledgeable and responsible guides, the trip was impeccably organized, making it particularly family-friendly. Egypt’s rich history and culture left a profound impression on us, making our overall experience truly exceptional. Accommodations and Transportation: The quality of our accommodations was commendable. This charming destination, characterized by its captivating allure and privileged location, boasted impeccable service overseen by a capable management team. The highlight was undoubtedly the expansive swimming pool, perfect for relaxation. The culinary offerings were equally exceptional, providing a delightful dining experience. The hotels consistently maintained a high standard of quality and demonstrated a strong commitment to respect and courtesy. Optional Tours and Additional Costs: It’s important to note that most of the tours in the itinerary are optional, not mandatory. This means that to fully immerse yourself in the experience, you’ll need to budget extra funds. Regrettably, the cost of these optional trips can feel disproportionate to the face value of the entry tickets to the sites visited. While independent organization is possible, it may not always be straightforward. In conclusion, the Egyptian Family Adventure provides an incredible opportunity to explore Egypt’s treasures and immerse yourself in its history and culture. It’s well-organized and family-friendly. However, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations regarding budgeting for optional tours and additional costs. Despite these considerations, our overall experience in Egypt was unforgettable, and we are actively considering another Exodus family adventure holiday for 2024. We extend our gratitude to Exodus for facilitating this enriching journey through Egypt.

Samuel Ganta Egyptian Family Adventure

An amazing adventure holiday that the whole family loved. It was a perfect balance of wildlife adventure and opportunity for my 9 year old to play at the hotel pools and beaches. she enjoyed the wildlife adventure part just as much as the pools and beach. I thought we managed to get so many things into two weeks including a few of the options. We all thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and would recommend it to anyone interested in nature.

Robert King Costa Rica Adventure Family Holiday

Incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. We saw such a lot- mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. The experience of being in the rainforest is unique and totally different to anything we had experienced before.

Helena Doucas Costa Rica Adventure Family Holiday

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