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Al Rahma Mosque Jeddah - Saudi,Arabia

Saudi Arabia Holidays & Tours

Our Top Saudi Arabia Tours

Saudi Arabia Tour Highlights 

  1. AlUla – with the Nabatean ruins at Hegra, the ancient city of Dadan and the stunning desert scenery, this is one Saudia’s must-see areas. 
  1. Al Ahsa Oasis – in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province, this is an intriguing region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are lagoons, date farms, sand dunes and numerous archaeological landmarks. 
  1. Buraydah camel market – experience the chaos, sounds, sights and smells of the world’s largest camel market! 
  1. Al Bahah and Thee Ain Village – this is a region of mountains in the south of Saudi Arabia. Walk around old stone villages, and enjoy the cool mountain air. 
  1. Medina – Islam’s second holiest city cannot be fully explored by non-Muslims, but you can gain a fascinating peek into this place of pilgrimage.