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Adventure holidays in Serbia

To the untrained eye, the landlocked Republic of Serbia (formerly part of Yugoslavia) may appear to have little to draw tourists in, but we have discovered otherwise! Once again venturing off the beaten track, Exodus has found yet another intriguing destination to add to our holiday collection.


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of Europe, Serbia is a melting pot of cultures, a place where many different communities live together along the banks of the Danube River – the lifeblood of this fascinating country.

A holiday in Serbia has much to offer, from the magnificent Golubac Fortress to the beautiful natural landscape of the Djerdap Nation Park, home to the country’s most spectacular geographical feature, the Djerdap Gorge.

Follow the winding Danube through the heart of the country passing verdant alpine meadows, impenetrable forests, glittering limestone caves, remote monasteries, and sleepy traditional villages.

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