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Holidays in India

Top destinations in India

Best times to go to India

India is a year round destination.


Top trips in India

Best times to go to India

India is a year round destination.

Colour, noise, vibrancy people, deserts, the Taj Mahal, tigers, mountains and a dazzling coastline are some of the many facets that make up India. Few countries can offer can diversity for adventure holidays: from the semi-desert of Rajasthan to the tropical delights of Goa and Kerala.

Best times to go

January - March

Spice ports, hill stations, boat trips, tea plantations, temples and beaches!
Cycle through two distinctively different Indian states

April - June

Experience the best of India's colourful desert state
Comprehensive introduction to unique wildlife, fascinating culture and spectacular Moghul architecture

July - September

The Golden Temple, British hill stations, Tibetan culture and the Taj Mahal
Experience the rich culture of the Indian Himalaya

October - December

A comprehensive wildlife tour through India's Kipling Country
The ultimate journey through the most diverse of countries

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