In the Swahili language, the word safari means 'journey'. Whether that's through the wildlife-rich plains and grasslands of Kenya's Masai Mara, the vast ecosystem of the Okavango Delta by dug-out canoe, or zipping over Namibia’s sand dunes by quad bike, Exodus will take you to the heart of the action for a journey to remember.

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Safari Adventure Holidays

It’s impossible to forget your first safari. Whether you are sitting at the flood-lit watering holes of Etosha and watching the theatre of the bush unfold as various animals – be they zebras, springboks, or rhinos and lions – come down to drink; or seeing the sun rise over the ochre sand in Namibia, casting warm light on the vibrant colours of these great dunes; or watching the impossible volume of water thundering over the edge of Victoria Falls; the mighty wildebeest migration over the iconic Tanzanian Savannah. And then there’s the Milky Way. For nowhere in the world is the sky quite like Africa. Camping out and gazing at the billion lights is just incredible.

It all comes down to Africa’s raw natural beauty. And of course there’s the abundant wildlife. The breathless wow of seeing a leopard in a tree; elegant giraffes, cheeky warthogs, sage elephants, the thrill of seeing cheetahs on the hunt, or the ‘awww’ moments of catching cubs at play. Come with us, and you will safari like never before.

Exodus cares about wildlife; the animals’ welfare is as important as the encounters themselves and as such, patience, responsibility and sensitivity have always been our buzzwords. ... Positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges.

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