Desert Treks

The ever-shifting desert dunes make for incredible trekking.

Desert trekking is, for many, the ultimate adventure, synonymous with explorers and pioneers of the past. To walk in a world without paths, without permanent settlers, is liberating. Desert treks take you deep into a land of extremes, a remote yet rewarding environment unlike any other. No people, no pollution, just the sound of the wind and vast, uncompromising expanse of desert ahead.

Perhaps you wish to discover Wadi Rum, a landscape characterised by rust-red sandstone jebels and soft, undulating dunes that inspired sets of huge Hollywood blockbusters such as Lawrence of Arabia and Prometheus. Perhaps you’re tempted to trek the cragged canyons and secret spots of Oman. Either way, with 40 years of experience then Exodus can lead the way.

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Desert Trekking Adventure Holidays

Undiscovered Atlas

Trek amongst terraced valleys and oases of Morocco's isolated and remote southwest

Guided Group

Walking & Trekking
8 days
From $725 USD
Activity Rating - Moderate/Challenging
Moderate / Challenging
4.5 / 5
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