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Exodus Edits

Exodus Edits: Where It All Began

Exodus Edits: Where It All Began

Hayley and Vivien

Hayley and Vivien came up with the concept of Exodus Edits at the annual Christmas party

Exodus Edits began the way many great ideas do – at the office Christmas party. Not forgotten in the next-morning haze of double shot coffees and poorly timed meetings, Head of Marketing Hayley Georgiou and Product Manager Vivien Urban caught up again in January 2019 to work out how to make their idea a reality.

It began with Vivien and Hayley discussing their favourite travel experiences. For Vivien, it’s a tie between “a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, hot air ballooning across Cappadocia, or an open-door helicopter jaunt above Manhattan”. Not bad for someone who admits to having a fear of heights! Hayley’s best moment is similarly adventurous – “a canyon swing in New Zealand, jumping off a cliff backwards – the most exhilarating experience EVER!”

Both Vivien and Hayley have worked within the travel industry for ten years apiece, and a love for travel has dominated most of their lives, but in very different ways. “Being from Hungary, at the time it wasn’t traditional to go backpacking in my late teens or early 20s, but I always wanted to see the world,” explains Vivien. “I’ve always wanted to travel more but didn’t want to quit my job.”

 Vivien in Thailand Vivien enjoying her travels in Thailand 

Meanwhile, Hayley had foregone the traditional university route to work in travel. “For me, I’ve always felt a conflict of wanting to progress my career but still explore the world,” she explains. “I’ve quit my job twice in the past to go travelling, and still want to explore the world as much as I can without doing so again.”

Hayley in GalapagosHayley on a Wildlife spotting tour in the Galapagos

Since 1974, Exodus Travels has cemented itself as a market-leading adventure travel company, offering small group tours across the globe. Hayley had already been thinking about new marketing ideas to attract a younger demographic, while Vivien had been reviewing the existing Exodus Travels product range: “I’d recently been on an Exodus Travels trip, with a great group of people – however, everyone had been aged 60+. As a thirtysomething, I’d liked to have met some more people of a similar age to myself.”

Working together around their high-pressure roles, and with the support from the Exodus team of directors, Vivien and Hayley put together a business case for a new range of products.

Once the idea was set in stone, it fell to Vivien and the Exodus product team to bring their dream trips to life. “Our key selling points when designing the Exodus Edits trips were that they were adventurous and active; had a ‘pinnacle achievement’ or activity to push you out of your comfort zone; and shorter than our standard trips to maximise annual leave. We needed central accommodation to make the most out of time in locations, and the ability to choose a solo room or share with another traveller.”

The success in launching Exodus Edits came not just through Vivien and Hayley, but through the support and involvement of others within the business – many of whom sit perfectly within the Edits demographic. As Hayley puts it, “the team loved that they could create something they’d love to do themselves. And now they’re all excited about going on an Edits trip!”

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