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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Trips

From its wooded foothills to its icy summits, Africa’s second highest mountain offers the intrepid trekker sights, experiences and heart-pounding adventures. Starting with invigorating hill walks through upland forests rich with wildlife, moving on to challenging hikes through bamboo forests, then upwards and onwards to the boulders of Point Lenana, you’re treated to world-class views all the way. 

To tackle the assault of granite cliff and volcanic rock towers up to Batian, the highest glacier peak, you’ll need technical experience and good climbing skills. But if you don’t relish the climb, Mount Kenya tours will still reward you with fantastic views from the famous hotels at the mountain base, as well as fantastically fresh air and the peaceful ambience of the Kenyan hills.

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Highlights of Mount Kenya holidays

Take a mountain safari: Find zebras on the northern slopes and, deep in the forest, spot monkeys playing in the trees, grazing antelopes (including the rare bono), herds of elephants and buffalo, as well as hyenas, servals, leopards and the occasional lion. 

Nature watch: The mountain landscape and climate changes dramatically as you ascend. The mix of rainforest, bamboo, open woodland, scrub and moorland is home to myriad birdlife, including soaring eagles, the purple-throated cuckooshrike, green-backed heron and lammergeier vulture.

Climb high: Lesser peaks and glaciers up to Point Lenana can be scaled and walked by anyone who is fit and adventurous. To scale the highest peaks of Nelion and Batian you need considerable technical skills.


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