Emerald pool, Dominica


A paradise of volcanic peaks and valleys, draped in luxuriant rainforest

Adventure Holidays in Dominica

It’s rumoured that, when asked to describe Dominica, Christopher Columbus crumpled up a piece of parchment and threw it on the table, complaining it was all mountains. Whether this happened or not, the sentiment rings true – Dominica is a paradise of volcanic peaks and valleys draped in luxuriant rainforest. Whales and dolphins cavort offshore, and brightly coloured birds flutter amidst the canopy. From the boiling lake, the world’s second largest hot spring, to indigenous settlements where the Kalinago people reside, Dominica is wonderful.

This is said to be the best preserved island in the Caribbean, the only one Christopher Columbus would recognise if he were to return today. But it’s a different story for the culture as Dominica’s history is closely tied to European colonial expansion, and the island's people, culture and cuisine is a fascinating mix of African, European, Indian and Creole influences.



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Dominica Adventure Holidays

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Unearth the natural and cultural wonders of this often overlooked Caribbean region

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Highlights of Dominica

Oceanic rainforest at Syndicate: spot a variety of birds, including the Jacquot and the Sisserou - the island's national bird - along a well-maintained trail through the rainforest.

The Indian River: this is where the Carib Indians once lived on the higher ground and used the river as a route to sea, and it was also used as a location for the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

Boiling Lake: inside the lake is a crater, where water heated by magma below the surface, causes it to constantly boil at the centre. The trail passes through the Valley of Desolation, an area where there are lots of volcanic related activities, such as hot fumaroles and Sulphur pits.

Soufriere Marine Reserve: one of the best marine dive locations in the Caribbean, here you can snorkel amongst the bubbles formed from volcanic gases just offshore and discover the coral reef, deep-water fish and a spectacular undersea crater.

Emerald Pool: located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the Emerald Pool is so called because it reflects the greenery of the surrounding vegetation.

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