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Bid farewell to the tourist trail – Bulgaria is a place of hidden secrets and ancient folklore

Trips to Bulgaria

An adventure holiday to Bulgaria is one full of hidden surprises. Challenge yourself with a trek into the Pirin and Rodopi Mountains, where the soaring summits leave you breathless. With medieval monasteries, enchanted caves with mythical histories and forests that echo with the plaintive cry of Europe’s remaining wolves, a trip to Bulgaria wins in the fairytale stakes.

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Discover North Macedonia and get a taste of Bulgaria and Kosovo

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Highlights of Bulgaria tours

1. Mountain trekking: Southwestern Bulgaria is dominated by two dramatic mountain ranges, the Pirin and the equally imposing Rila. Try hiking across stunning passes and glacial lakes and even ascend Musala, the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. This is raw and rugged nature at its most epic.

2. Bulgarian Cuisine: Bulgarian cuisine combines the rich influence of the Ottoman Empire with a peasant cooking style that piles in the country's tasty vegetables and herbs. Shopska salad, banitsa, kebabche, kyufte, lyutenitsa... these are just a few of the delicious traditional dishes to sample. Try fish soup on the coast, fruit and veg in the plains, and cheese in the mountains.

3. Villages: Discover Bulgaria’s pretty towns and villages, like Koprivshtitsa, Kovachevitsa, Etar and Bozhentsi, and you learn about Bulgarian customs and traditions. Pick fresh fruit and veg at local markets and enjoy a slower pace of life.

4. Mud bathing: Renowned for its skin and healing properties, the mud near Atanasovsko Lake has formed over millions of years. Aside from applying it to your skin, you can also float in the saline pool next to the baths.

5. Wildlife: Spend a week in the Rodopi Mountains discovering the realm of the brown bear. Record tracks, scats and other signs of bear activity as part of an ongoing conservation project, and visit a specially constructed bear-watching hide to see these beguiling animals in their natural habitat.

A memorable walking holiday. The walks were through forests, gorges and beautiful wildflower...

marilyn carroll, 2019 Bulgaria: Rodopi Mountains
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