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Snowshoeing in the mountains

Guide to Winter Holidays in Eastern Europe

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There are some places where you can have more of winter to yourself. More untrammelled snow, and a more enchanting sense of place.

But where can you find the most unusual winter holidays? Where can you escape the obvious? Right now, the answer is Eastern Europe. Maybe your idea of winter is snowshoeing beneath towering mountain passes. Maybe it’s a cross-country journey through snow-shrouded villages.

Whatever your preference, Eastern Europe is the key to this most magical of seasons.

Snowshoeing Holidays

Wild Bulgaria: Winter Walk & Snowshoe

Snowshoeing in the hillsSnowshoeing in the Rodopi Mountains

Bulgaria’s Rodopi Mountains are the backdrop for a winter retreat like no other. Blanketed in deep drifts, these largely untouched foothills are seemingly cut off from the outside world.

A lattice of silent routes burrow their way through ancient forests and dive into deep gorges studded with mysterious caves.

“It was a revelation!” says Exodus customer Erica Scott. “We were kept active with beautiful mountain walks; yet we also managed to see interesting architecture, enjoy the wonderful hotel spa, go on an animal safari, and visit some astonishing caves.”

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Transylvania Winter Walk & Snowshoe

Carpathians sunset 

What’s in a name? Well, in Transylvania, quite a lot. With a notorious literary history it’ll possibly never fully shake off, the craggily austere Carpathian mountains couldn’t be more loaded with preconceptions.

And, as is the way with preconceptions, they’re ripe for taking down. Yes, this is a land of ancient castles, crisp winters and shadowy forests, but the welcome is warm, and the storybook you’re stepping into feels more fairy-tale than gothic horror.

“Romania was unspoiled, and refreshingly untouristy,” says Exodus customer Dave Butterworth. “The mountains were beautiful. The overall wow factor means I’ll definitely be visiting again.”

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Snowshoeing in Bosnia

Snowshoeing towards Vranica 

“If you’re looking for a mix of mountains, history and culture in a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, this is a great trip to try,” says Exodus traveller Colin Simms.

This relatively new country is home to some of Europe’s oldest mountains. On this eight-day trip, you’ll traverse the wild and remote ranges that wrap around Bosnia’s capital.

“The trip’s a great mix of peaks and passes,” says Colin. “Most inspirational moment? The final day hiking through fresh snow to the top of Trebevic.” We even spend time in the historic town of Mostar, with its powerfully iconic 16th century bridge.

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Snowshoeing in Albania

Snowshoeing in the Albanian Alps

Remote and spectacular, the Albanian Alps offer fantastic hikes and trails to explore.

Snowshoeing in Albania allows you to experience traditional rural life in an undiscovered area with fantastic snowshoe routes during winter,” says Exodus Product Manager Louise Ungless.

Passing rural hamlets, alpine meadows and forests, the trip showcases the outstanding natural beauty of this little-visited area, whilst enjoying a healthy dose of authentic Albanian hospitality.

“We visit remote agricultural villages that see few tourists,” Louise says, “where locals often invite you into their homes, and where we stay and eat in characterful alpine guest houses.”

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Tatra Winter Activity Week

Cross-country skiers, High Tatras, Slovakia

“The destinations you can reach when you go cross-country skiing can be really quite remote and remarkable,” says Exodus Product Manager Marta Marinelli. “Even in the Tatras, which can be quite popular, we’re able to explore some hidden corners, visiting charming medieval villages,” she says.

That said, there's much more to enjoy than just skiing - dogsledding, thermal baths, snowshoeing and winter picnics all lie in store.

This jagged edge separating southern Poland with Slovakia, the High Tatras’ snowy peaks are etched high above valleys seemingly untouched by the passage of time.

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