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  • Competitors in the Transjurassienne Ski Race
    Competitors in the Transjurassienne Ski Race

A winter event like no other! Our unique ski marathons include tuition to help you achieve this incredible sporting challenge and complete one of the famous ‘Worldloppet Series’ races. Feel the adrenaline racing along the loipes, challenge yourself to get your best time or simply enjoy being part of this exhilarating and memorable event. 

Engadin is generally everyone’s first choice as you can choose between classic or skate style over broad trails and relatively easy terrain. Being the biggest and probably best known race in the Alps with over 10,000 participants, you will need good stamina given the altitude. This year we are also offering the Transjurassienne Ski Race in France, one of the most popular in the calendar, in France's top cross-country destination, the Jura.

With limited spaces, remember to book early to guarantee your place in the race.

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