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The phrase ‘holiday in Greece’ can conjure horrific images of beach-bound bodies, stretched out in the sun and left to crisp. But there’s so much more to this fascinating region than the sunshine - from archaeological gems to the unspoilt stretches of coastline which have escaped becoming just another baking tray for sunbathers.

Each year, thousands of holidaymakers go to the over-commercialised resorts that dot the Greek coast, where it is difficult to believe that they are in one of the most historically interesting countries in Europe. But look beyond the clubs, sunscreen and lager and there is a fascinating country with hidden treasure in the heart of the Mediterranean. Rather than join a bus tour across the country, spending a week on one of the more remote islands offers many more rewards. Evia is one such place, a hidden gem with marvellous walking, a beautiful coastline and a wealth of Byzantine churches and Frankish castles all ringed by olive groves, cypress trees and watermills.

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