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Holidays to Nepal

Nepal adventure holidays from the experts at Exodus

One word says it all when it comes to Nepal: Himalaya. This magical mountainous kingdom sits high on the spine of the World’s most famous mountain range. Nerve tingling scenery, a complex culture and some of the best walking trails in the world all contrive to make Nepal a real Shangri-La for the intrepid adventure traveller. Nepal is the adventure travel centre of Southern Asia. Trek to the top of the world, raft down raging rapids, bathe with elephants or just contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything in this most spiritual of nations.

Nepalese Culture
For the majority of the locals, life in Nepal adds new meaning to living on the edge. Life is a delicate balance of high altitude, hard work and social festivities, all steeped heavily in ancient tradition. Although a poor country, Nepal is culturally very rich. The intermingling of traditions and faiths has created an intricate tapestry where religious tolerance and harmony are the norm. Many different ethnic groups co-exist here, all with their own distinct social identities and cultural patterns. Extend your warmth and respect and in return you will receive a genuine insight into this fascinating world.

Activity Holiday Essentials: Nepal
1. Trek the Everest trails
Most activities here revolve around the mountains, with Mount Everest taking the spotlight. The Everest trail takes you through the Sherpa heartland with awe-inspiring views. Thyangboche monastery offers one of the finest mountain viewpoints in the world. Trekkers up for the ultimate challenge aim for Everest Base Camp located on the rugged Kumbhu Glacier, and at the foot of the world’s tallest peak.

2. Cycle from Lhasa to Kathmandu
Cycling from Lhasa, in Tibet, to the Nepalese capital is an epic journey that takes adventure cycling to new levels. This overland route takes in high altitude desert, awesome mountain passes and the north face of Everest before an incredible 40km descent into Nepal.

3. The Annapurna Circuit
What Everest has in size, the Annapurna range more than makes up in sheer diversity. It takes in virtually every range of scenery Nepal has to offer, ranging from the sub-tropical to alpine forests, from semi-desert to mountain passes. It is also home to many tribal villages, both Buddhist and Hindu. On a walking holiday you’ll get to meet the hospitable people of these remote villages.

4. The best of the rest…
Nepal isn’t just about mountaineering. Lush valleys give way to incredible gorges and rivers, a stunning backdrop to its amazing flora and fauna. Wildlife holidays don’t come much better; elusive snow leopards inhabit the mountains and Chitwan National Park is home to elephants and rhino. Walking, cycling, river rafting and elephant bath time are perfect activities for an unforgettable adventure holiday.

To find out more about this fascinating country check out our Country Guide to Nepal.

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