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Finland Adventure Holidays

Finland Activity & Adventure Holidays with Exodus.

Finland Holidays
Finland is a wild land of dense forest, crystal clear lakes, and arctic frost. To the north exists a vast unspoilt wilderness, a magnet for trekkers and arctic adventure holiday hunters.

Activity Holiday Highlights of Finland:
1 Stay in a Finnish wilderness camp
For an active winter wilderness holiday, visit a Finnish ‘wilderness camp’ – an ideal base for a variety of arctic holiday activities such as dogsledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Learn the traditional techniques of ice fishing and igloo building to get your hands stuck into arctic life. And at the end of a hard day, take the chill off with a traditional Finnish sauna. Who said survival had to be freezing?

2 Trip the light fantastic – visit the Northern Lights
The most northerly reaches of Finland are one of the best places to catch nature’s ultimate light show: the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. In Finland, it’s tough to get a ringside seat without being miles away from civilisation, but at the end of a snowmobile safari or an arctic trek, the spectacle is all the more inspiring.

3 Drive a husky team
The perfect form of transport in these parts, there’s nothing quite like feeling the fresh air in your face as you dogsled through the frozen forests of Finland. Get the dogs up and running, release the brake and watch the winter scenery fly by. A bit more skill is needed for cornering but you’re sure to pick that up on the job.

4 Visit Oulanka National Park
Oulanka is one of Finland’s most scenic areas – a wild region of rivers and ravines, of lush flowering meadows and alpine forests. During the winter it is Narnia-like – perfect for dogsledding, snowmobiles and reindeer sleigh rides. The area is home to many forest animals, including reindeer, arctic hares, elk, black grouse, white willow grouse, wood grouse and the golden eagle. Sometimes you may meet tracks from lynx, wolfs and foxes, and in late spring even the brown bear can cross the trails.

The winter activity experts at Waymark and Exodus can suggest a number of activities for you to try which will suit your ability level.

To find out more about this fascinating country see our Country Guide to Finland.

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