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Holidays to Egypt

Egypt Activity & Adventure Holidays with Exodus.

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Egypt remains one of the world’s most fascinating and iconic adventure travel experiences. Throughout history it has attracted many famous travellers, archaeologists and treasure hunters wishing to see the famous sites of ancient Thebes, Aswan and Cairo. Any experience of Egypt is obviously shaped by its glorious past so of course you'll learn about the Pharaohs and marvel at the Great Pyramids - but with Exodus you could also find yourself trekking in the spectacular scenery of the Sinai, exploring the less visited temples of Middle Egypt or sailing a traditional lateen rigged felucca down the Nile.

Expert Egyptologists on every trip! All Exodus trips are led by (or accompanied by) a qualified Egyptologist. These experts are the key to bringing the ancient world back to life.

To find out more about this fascinating country check out our Country Guide to Egypt

Articles in the Press about an Exodus trip

Daily Telegraph: Visitor feedback regarding Egypt after the changes of 2011: Visiting Egypt (November 2011).


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