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Archaeology Holidays

  • One of the many sphinxes of "sphinx avenue", Luxor, Egypt

The world is covered with the remains of many ancient civilisations, and we can take you to a vast array of sites. The interpretation we can offer you will unveil hidden depths to archaelogical sites which most would regard as just more picturesque ruins on the roadside. Our use of local guides around the world gives our tours the intimate and knowledgable interpretation which lifts a cultural tour out of the ordinary and into league all of their own.

The major archaelogical sites are included in our itineraries, so if you want to see Petra or Machu Picchu, we have some great tours to take you there.

For those that love the ancient world, take your pick from Libya, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, China, India, Ethiopia, Mexico and Peru, to name but a few.

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