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Worth More Alive

Worth More Alive X


Back in 2020, Exodus Travels’ expert guide, award-winning wildlife photographer and conservationist, Paul Goldstein aimed to raise a huge $125,000 for the protection and conservation of the endangered Bengal tigers, by running both the London and Everest Marathons in his iconic 14ft Bengal tiger suit. This was fully supported by the Exodus Travels Foundation.

However, due to travel restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul postponed his marathons to 2021/2022. He added and extra challenge, completing both the Brighton and London Marathon in 2021 and is preparing to travel to Nepal to complete the gruelling Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon on 29th May 2022, donning his tiger suit once again.

The Worth More Alive campaign started eleven years ago and 2021 was the tenth anniversary of his first Brighton run. After 19 marathons Paul is finally hanging up his shoes and suit after completing the Everest marathon in May this year. The campaign has raised over $350,000 but, as he says, "I will not give up this cause even though the flesh might not be quite so willing, but until these magnificent animals come off the endangered list, I will keep fighting." 

We are thrilled to confirm that to date, Paul has already raised a remarkable $112,000 towards his fundraising target due to the incredible generosity of so many friends, clients, and Exodus Travels Foundation supporters – thank you to each and every one of you who has donated. Paul (and his tiger suit) are looking forward to smashing the $125,000 target in the months to come.

Money raised so far

All donations are going towards the two projects - rebuilding and equipping of two schools on the boundaries of the National Park famous for its tiger population and modifying of wooden cattle sheds and wood burning cook stoves to conserve the tiger habitat by reducing forest clearing.

Sal and Mahua Schools Project by providing over 1,000 local children with an education effectively underwritten by conservation, this initiative will help highlight to the surrounding communities the benefits of their striped neighbours and contribute to the protection of tigers from poachers. Despite delays to the building work caused by lockdowns in India between 2020 and 2021, our partners have already been able to build the protective boundary walls around both schools and install solar water pumps, supplying schools with clean drinking water. They have also constructed school kitchens and toilets and planted hundreds of saplings in the school grounds. Additionally, they have provided books, cabinets for storage and other educational materials, along with sports equipment and the sports facilities are due for completion later in 2022. 

Tiger Habitat project modifying wooden cattle sheds in 150 households and replacing wood burning stoves with energy efficient smart stoves in 280 households will save a vast number of trees from being cleared from the tiger habitat over the next decade, which will increase their security and shelter. The energy-efficient cookstoves will also benefit local women and children, decreasing their risk of smoke inhalation during cooking.

To donate to the Worth More Alive X and Paul’s epic mission click here.


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