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Community Kickstart Project

Community Kickstart Project

Supporting the people and communities behind the adventure

As COVID-19 caused a sudden pause to travel around the world, our thoughts quickly turned to our extended Exodus family; our expert local teams of leaders, operators, porters, drivers, and the communities around them. The people that welcome Exodus travellers and share their world with us not only  faced a battle against the virus, but the significant economic impact from the global halt in tourism. So, while Exodus’ travels were grounded, the Exodus Travels Foundation immediately adapted and worked hard to support these communities where possible. 

As the human and economic effects of this virus have continued much longer than any of us anticipated, The Exodus Travels Foundation has launched the Community Kickstart Project with the aim of helping those communities to recover and rebuild while we all wait for the world to open its doors again. 

We have already donated £10,000 to the fund to allow some of the most crucial projects to begin, and now we’re asking you, our own community of responsible adventurers, to help us triple this, and triple the social, environmental and economic impact we can have across our destination communities.

As ever, thank you for your generous and tireless support for communities across the world; we can’t visit them right now, but through the Exodus network, we can show them we’re standing with them. 

What we’re doing

The idea is simple – enable our teams on the ground to kickstart local initiatives which will help support their local communities. After all, our expert and passionate Exodus leaders and operators are best placed to identify the greatest needs across our destination communities and hard-to-reach places.

Kickstart Support


We will back initiatives that support our communities until responsible tourism can safely return. 

Kickstart Rebuilding Lives and Livelihood


Following a major economic or environmental event, we will help people to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. 

Kickstart Protecting Local Wildlife and Ecosystems


We’ll help our local partners to continue to protect local wildlife and ecosystems that have lost significant tourism revenue. 

Kickstart Empowerment


Providing support with education, local engagement and skills training for families and their communities. 

Our Community Kickstart Project Initiatives

“Over recent months Coronovirus has devastated the global tourism industry. This has hit both developed and developing countries indiscriminately and whilst richer nations will get through this we could not sit idly by without trying to help some poorer and less developed parts of the world. To do this we have launched the Community Kickstart Fund to directly help our friends, colleagues and local communities we visit overseas. Whether this is through food parcels, environment improvement or extra training programmes, we aim to help now so that when Coronavirus is defeated, people’s livelihoods can be improved too. Do help us if you can.”  

– Pete Burrell, Exodus Travels Foundation Chairperson


Community Kickstart Project

Cooking for communities

As well as donating to our appeal, you can support these global, community-based initiatives by purchasing an Exodus Travels Cookbook. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Community Kickstart Project. 

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