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Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park Tours

Stretching for almost 230 square miles across Utah the nature reserve of Zion National Park boasts beautiful sweeping canyons, towering red cliffs, spectacular hanging gardens and meadows of wildflowers in season, making it a must visit when your passing through Southwest America.

At the end of Zion Canyon, a 15 mile long red trench, the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado Plateau and thanks to the Virgin River (a tributary of the Colorado River) you'll find numerous species of plants, birds, mammals and reptiles residing in this lush natural habitat.

Aside from their fantastic array of flora, fauna and desert adapted wildlife, Zion National Park is also well-known for its incredible wealth of landscapes that have formed over thousands of years. Viewing the  countless mountains, canyons, buttes and natural sandstone arches will make your Zion National Park tour a truly unforgettable experience

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Zion National Park Tours

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Zion National Park Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Emerald Pools - You'll find Zion's fabled Emerald Pools to be as accessible as they are enchanting. From scenic rest stops to sublime swim spots, this is one of the park's most best-loved locations. There are 3 main pools to be found amongst the ferns and cotton wood trees.
  • Hike to Angels Landing - This trail, with a series of superbly named switchbacks (Walter's Wiggles) has to be up there with the best of them. The last stretch from Scout Lookout to the summit of Angels Landing is truly a breathtaking adventure.
  • Hike the The Narrows - Aptly named but none the less a surprise, the Zion Narrows present just over 15 miles of carved sandstone walls that stretch towards a thin ribbon of blue sky some 2000 feet up. Chances of getting wet feet are pretty much par for the course!
  • Horseback riding - Zion National Park hikes are one thing but the chance to explore on horseback presents another sort of fantasy altogether. Imagine following a trail through steep sandstone walls before appearing at a hidden grotto, to alight and refill your water canteen.
  • Cool off in the Virgin River - If you don't mind getting wet then undoubtedly the best means of staying cool in the summer is to get kitted out with a pair of old trainers, a swim suit and waterproof sunscreen before jumping on-board an inflatable tube and floating down the Virgin River. Fast-flowing rapids and lazy old meandering means that tubing in Zion is the only way to travel.


Best time to visit Zion National Park

Zion National Park experiences normal seasonal changes throughout the year, and as such, you'll experience a range of temperatures and ever-changing foliage depending on when you choose to visit. Summers in Utah can get pretty hot, with average temperatures around 29-38°C. The likelihood of  short afternoon thunderstorms increase during the months of July and August. With these factors in mind, the best times of year to visit is largely in spring and autumn as there are less crowds, less heat and more favourable weather conditions. If you prefer even fewer people and even milder temperatures, then winter is ideal. Although snowfall in this region is rare, if it does happen, you'll likely to get the park all to yourself.

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