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Pacific Northwest USA

Pacific Northwest tours

Pacific Northwest tours take place in quintessential wilderness country, encompassing the American states of Washington and Oregon as well as the Canadian Province of British Columbia within their far-reaching natural borders.

Cities, such as Seattle, Portland and Vancouver are all fondly regarded for their blend of rich cultural heritage, culinary delights and abundance of natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the off-kilter character of Portland, check out the fresh produce and experimental chefs at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, or take on hiking and mountain biking in Vancouver, you’ll soon find there something for everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

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Pacific Northwest Tours

Pacific Northwest Tour Highlights

1.Olympic National Park - Situated on the western front of Washington State this was one of the last areas of America to be discovered by explorers, and as such the Olympic National Park has been deemed as both a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as an International Biosphere Reserve.

2. Glacier National Park- Covering just over 2,500sq miles and criss-crossed with over 700 miles of well-posted trails, the stunning scenery of Glacier National Park presents a great introduction to the landscapes and unique outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.

3. Yellowstone National Park - Making your way further inland from the Pacific coast, you'll find the world's first ever national park - and probably one of the most famous. Gushing waterfalls, bubbling geysers, towering mountain peaks and an eclectic mix of wildlife make Yellowstone National Park an absolute must visit.

4. Seattle - As the Pacific Northwest's largest city, Seattle certainly has a lot to live up to and thanks to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and an array of world-class art galleries, heritage museums and centres for performing arts, you'll soon discover that the city of Seattle holds its own.

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