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Adventure holidays in Peru

Top destinations in Peru

Amazon Rainforest
Cuzco & Sacred Valley
Machu Picchu
Nazca Lines
The Inca Trail
Lake Titicaca

Top trips in Peru

Peru Holidays

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Peru . If you have any taste for adventure and you have the resources to get out to Peru, then do it. This varied land will give you the most exciting adventure holiday you’re ever likely to experience. Peru holidays includes magnificent scenery, abundant wild... Read more

life, a rich culture with ancient roots and many, many unforgettable encounters.

No Holiday to Peru would be complete without investigating the Incas. Peru was once home to the sun-worshipping Inca civilization. They may have held a huge empire but they were violently brought to their knees in a matter of years by the superior weaponry of gold hungry Europeans. Although devout Spaniards did their best to stamp out all trace of the pagan Incas, amazingly intact archaeological sites are still being uncovered. The jewel in Peru’s crown - Machu Picchu - was only uncovered in the last century. Exodus offers several different types of Peru holidays to Machu Picchuand Inca Trail Tours.

Unfortunately, modern day Peru has been as turbulent as the past. Political corruption and upheaval, guerrilla warfare, racism and extreme poverty have all tested but thankfully not broken the spirit of the people. You will find Peruvians warm, hospitable and optimistic. Many happily live as they did hundreds of years ago and are proud of their roots.

Venture to the land of the sun and you will be richly rewarded with world-famous trekking holidays, mysterious ruins, vast natural wonders, the magic of the rainforest, bizarre delights of the floating islands and mind boggling ancient riddles. And there ’s always the ubiquitous hot roasted Guinea Pig on the menu too.

Peru Holidays: Seven Big Must-Do Peruvian Adventures


1. Tackle the Inca Trail

Trekking through the Inca Trail will leave you gasping, both with exhaustion and in astonishment. Inca ruins, mountain beauty and exotic cloud forests accompany you all the way along worn Inca pathways to the glorious citadel of Machu Picchu at your journey’s end. You’ll find it unforgiving but totally unforgettable - do what it takes to make this Peru hiking tour one of your holidays in the next few years if you possibly can.


2. Marvel at Machu Picchu

One of the most famous vistas in the world, Machu Picchu is the mysterious lost city that was hidden for hundreds of years above the clouds in the spectacular setting of the Andean mountains. These Inca ruins enjoy a sacred atmosphere that has to be felt to be described - with views that will leave your senses reeling. One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, this is a global icon that not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds it. It is an unmissable part of any Peru holiday.
Inca Trail permits are limited, and are subject to availability. However we do offer an alternative route – The Moonstone Trek.

3. Island hop on Lake Titicaca

An ocean at altitude, Lake Titicaca is awash with possibilities for adventure travel; clear azure blue waters, man made floating islands, indigenous communities and centuries old customs await in the centre of this revered body of water. The mythology states that the Inca Civilization.

4. Gaze over Colca Canyon

Easily as impressive, twice as deep but nowhere near as famous as the Grand Canyon, Colca is a 100 km long, 3000 metre deep canyon surrounded be volcanoes with snow peaked mountains in the distance. Rough and ready, it’s home to decoratively adorned Quecha women, traditional Peruvian villages, enjoyable treks and families of condors that you can see cruising on thermals from many of the fantastic viewpoints.

5. Solve the mystery of the Nazca Lines

Super sized neoglyphs of animals, abstract symbols and geometric shapes etched into the desert, the Nazca Lines have foxed generations of theorists. Spread across an astounding 500 sq km and only visible from the sky, we can still only guess what they were made for - astronomical calendars, water worship or even extraterrestrial airports? One thing is for sure – flying over these intricate ancient artworks will amaze, puzzle and totally ignite your imagination.

6. Roam the Amazon Rainforest

Be overwhelmed in the Amazon Rainforest by the sheer mass of towering trees, damp and dense undergrowth, unusual flora, buzzing insects, animal noises and amazing wildlife sightings you won’t get anywhere else on the planet. Tragically, the forest is disappearing fast, but that’s all the more reason to visit before it’s too late. Travel responsibly and let your tourist cash contribute to the conservation of this most precious natural resource.

7. Adventure into the Andes

If you want to get off the ‘Gringo trail’ then you’ll be pleased to know there are less-travelled adventure holidays in Peru. Take your pick from the Moonstone Trek, extending your Inca Trail trek with several days’ hiking around the massive snow-capped peak of Salcantay, or hiking in the Cordillera Huayhuash, the peaks made famous by Joe Simpson in ‘Touching the Void’.

Organise Your Peru Adventure Holiday

A spectacular nation deserves special attention; we offer a phenomenal range of adventure holidays in Peru. Choose from luxury adventure tours to overland tours and from independent activity holidays to family group adventure holidays during school holidays.

As well as our range of fixed departure group holidays to Peru listed below, did you know we can also arrange adventures for you, your friends and family on dates to suit you? In many cases we can modify our standard itineraries, upgrade the accommodation, or add on a few days for relaxation at the end. See our Private Adventures page for more information.



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Private Adventures

As well as our range of fixed departure group holidays, did you know we can also arrange adventures for you, your friends and family on dates to suit you? In many cases we can modify our standard itineraries, upgrade the accommodation, or add on a few days for relaxation at the end. See our Private Adventures page for more information.

Private Adventures - your words, not ours...

We booked our trip 6 months in advance and Paula was extremely helpful and efficient in arranging a private trip for our 2 families on dates that we requested. Our local guide Antonio and driver Alan were friendly, helpful, professional and went to infinite trouble to give us a fantastic holiday.
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