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Holidays to Tuscany, Italy

Activity and adventure Holidays in Tuscany with Exodus, the adventure travel experts.

The Italian powerhouse region of Tuscany, home to world-renown cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano, more than lives up to the hype. Sun baked villages, soul-stirring, picture-perfect countryside and a wealth of Renaissance treasures, along with some of the finest Iocal produce and wines in the country make this an unforgttable region which lays claim to offer the best of everything Italian. Being this perfect does has its downside – the coach-loads of tourists that descend in their droves every summer. Fortunately for the more adventurous, they stick to a well-trodden path, which leaves the rest of this delightful region free for us to explore!

Four Tuscan Treasures

1 Uncover hidden Tuscany

The best way to discover the heart of rural Tuscany is to get out into the countryside. The striking scenery and traditional way of life are best uncovered on foot or by bicycle. It is a timeless rolling landscape of fertile agricultural land, ancient woodland, olive groves, volcanic lakes and narrow valleys.

The Garfagnana is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Isolated between the Alpi Apuane and the Apennine mountain ranges, hilltop villages and chestnut forests cover the striking landscape. It’s another side to Tuscany, and one that you won’t have to share with the hordes of holidaymakers.

2 Find yourself in Renaissance Florence

There are some places where it’s impossible to avoid the crowds. But would you miss the captivating capital of Italian art and culture for the sake of a few people? Atmospheric and elegant, Florence is renowned for world-class art galleries and striking architecture. Do not miss the sunset view from the Piazza Michelangelo. Gaze across the city skyscape of domes, towers and bridges as the sun drops down into the hazy hills beyond.

3 Soak up Siena

Where Florence is rich with regal renaissance, Siena oozes gothic charm. The mediaeval centre buzzes; alleyways and backstreets take unexpected turns unearthing small restaurants and cafes serving the best that rustic Tuscany has to offer.

4 Cinque Terre

Not technically Tuscany but in the neighbouring region of Liguria, this cluster of tiny fishing villages clinging to the mountainside in some of Italy’s most extraordinary countryside is close enough for a visit! Now a UNESCO world heritage site, you can’t reach these villages by road – it has to be on foot or by train. Take a well-earned break from walking the cliff top paths at Vernazza’s fishing harbour, a beautiful piazza right on the water.



Chianti Walking & Wine

Chianti Walking & Wine

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,285.00

Experience the magic of Italy in Tuscany

  • Walk the classic rolling hills of Tuscany
  • Stay in a converted farmhouse
  • Enjoy the fabulous Chianti wines
Walking in Tuscany

Walking in Tuscany

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,395.00

Walk through Italy across Tuscany's idyllic mountains

  • Walk through Tuscany's idyllic mountains
  • Stay in a family-run farmhouse with pool
  • Enjoy more challenging walks on certain weeks
Tuscany Cycle Siena & Chianti

Tuscany Cycle Siena & Chianti

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,545.00

Ride through Tuscany's classic towns of Siena, San Gimignano and Montepulciano

  • Ride along the quiet roads of classic Tuscany
  • Enjoy famous Tuscan cuisine and wine
  • Relax in the beautiful city of Florence
Tuscany: Florence to Lucca Ride

 Tuscany: Florence to Lucca Ride

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,345.00

Discover some of Tuscany's finest road riding

  • Ride through picturesque mediaeval towns
  • Discover some of northern Tuscany's finest road riding
  • Explore the renaissance city of Florence
Walks of the Cinque Terre and Portofino

Walks of the Cinque Terre and Portofino

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,285.00

Walks on Italy's stunning Ligurian riviera

  • Discover the beautiful Cinque Terre
  • Enjoy picturesque coastal paths
  • Visit the luxury resort of Portofino
Self-Guided Walking in Southern Tuscany

 Self-Guided Walking in Southern Tuscany

7 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,055.00

Stunning Tuscan landscapes and beautifully preserved Renaissance architechture

  • Walk through charming villages and mediaeval fortresses
  • Explore stunning Tuscan landscapes
  • Sample hearty cuisine and world famous wines
Walking the Francigena Way

 Walking the Francigena Way

11 days Excl. flights From
USD $1,675.00

Walk the path of Sigerico; The Francigena Way from Orvieto to Rome

  • Visit Orvieto and its Cathedral
  • Follow the Pilgrimage route to Rome
  • Take in picturesque villages, historic abbeys and volcanic lakes

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