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After a sweltering summer at home, it’s clear nobody wants it to end. An autumnal escape allows you to extend this rush of sunshine longer into the year – let the good times keep rolling.

What a summer it’s been. We’ve had a sensational summer of sport, with Geraint Thomas’ incredible Tour de France victory this week, the England men’s team reaching the world cup semi-finals for the first time since 1990, and the drama and thrills of Wimbledon to boot.

The UK heatwave continues unabashed, with many naturally drawing comparisons to the summer of 1976. But as we know, even these things must come to an end.

Best Autumn Escapes

To avoid an autumnal slump, we’re seeing a strong trend for travellers choosing the autumn for their adventure. After a summer of these proportions, it’s no surprise we’re seeing this desire for the good times to keep on coming.

Sunny Side Up

Top 10 bestsellers 2017Dambulla Sri Lanka

If you’re looking to extend your summer and seek out even more long sunny days, then our top recommendation is to head towards Asia for your October and November top-up. With a consistent climate and average annual temperatures of 32ºC in the lowlands and 21ºC in the mountains, Sri Lanka is known for its tropical paradise feel.

This island is blessed with white sand beaches, humid tea plantations and palm trees galore. In fact, its natural beauty is rivalled only by the culture; expect brightly coloured reclining Buddhas, cool cave temples and imposing rock fortresses overlooking the beautiful landscapes.

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History Hit

Naxos, Greek IslandsGreek ruins

If you’ve been craving some culture all summer but can’t bear to feel trapped inside an overbearingly hot museum building, then we know how you feel. The good news is it isn’t a one-the-other choice. Forgo the stuffy museums and head to the Greek Islands where the history is all around you, where you can immerse yourself in an ancient world whilst active and outdoors.

On foot is the best way to traverse these treasures, a stroll through an open-air museum of ancient ruins and long-lost temples. There are no queues, no school trips to contend with – just blue skies, coastal views and a history that stretches back to the Roman times.

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Go Wild

Green TurtleTurtle on Costa Rica beach

If you’re looking to get away to see nature’s best, autumn is a great season to do it. For starters, September and October are your best chance to see Green turtles during nesting season. On the shores of tropical Costa Rica, you’ll see these wonderful creatures prepare for a new generation.

Green turtles are amongst the largest of all the sea turtles, but they are far from Costa Rica’s only draw: this ecological paradise is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with innumerable endemic species contained within its rainforests, cloud forests, beaches and wild places.

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Take a look at our autumn adventures below and plan your trip.