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Let us introduce you to the five coolest places to stay on a snowy winter break, from the sub-zero to the unexpectedly plush. If you can resist anything but temptation, we suggest you look away now!

Best Snow Holidays

Basecamp Oulanka, Finland

Top 5 cool places to stayEco-friendly log cabins

 A stay at Basecamp is enough to melt any icy heart. Nestled in the wilderness of Oulanka National Park, the cosy log cabins have balconies brushing against the sugar-coated pine forests, a veritable Narnia for any adventurer; no magic wardrobes required!

Each room has underfloor heating and has been designed with ruthless ecological efficiency, ensuring not a drop of heat from the sauna or hot tub is wasted – all warmth here is recycled.

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The Icehotel, Sweden

Top 5 cool places to stayFrosty Flower Suite ICEHOTEL

A night here is so cool it’s literally sub-zero. Each year new beautiful ice sculptures appear, redesigned and handcrafted so that every aspect of the hotel changes, keeping it utterly unique.

This mutable work of art is often draped in bristling reindeer hides, giving the feeling of a children’s Ice Queen fairytale – this is truly an ice palace!


Igloo – Finland and Sweden

Top 5 cool places to stayBuild your own igloo

Take the satisfaction of successful DIY to a new level building your very own igloo.

These compact and unmistakable structures are surprisingly easy to make and even more surprisingly, they’re quite warm!

Be warned though – cramming all your friends into one for an extensive laughing session can cause the ice to melt!

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Sami Tent, Sweden

Top 5 cool places to stayCamping Arctic-Style

Experience the Lappish way of surviving life in the freezer by spending a night in a traditional Sami or “Lavi” tent.

Simplicity is the key to these tough structures as they are designed to be extremely portable and to be put up in a matter of minutes to escape the elements.

Inside, a small fire creates a cosy atmosphere, and with a shot of schnapps in hand, this is the perfect setting for a tale or two of Lappish folklore, myths and legends.

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Hotel Adler, Italy

Top 5 cool places to stayHotel Adler’s Swimming Pool
The luxury of the four-star Hotel Adler in the Dolomites is surpassed only by the sumptuous three-course meals served up by their Michelin recommended restaurant.
If it weren’t for the jagged majesty of the surrounding peaks it would be all too easy to idle in the extensive spa – however, the call of the mountains is too strong to resist.

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