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Take an alphabetical journey through the world on two feet, covering some of the finest, most famous, and underrated trekking locations our planet has to offer.

A Global Tour

A – The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi CoastThe Amalfi Coast

Spectacular walks through lemon groves, beech woods and along one of the most beautiful coastal paths in the world… the Amalfi Coast is the perfect Italian escape!

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B – Bromo

From the surreal sea sands at the base to the gaping, smouldering chasm of the crater, the mist-shrouded cone of Mount Bromo in Java is one of the eeriest volcanic treks you can undertake.

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C – The Camino de Santiago

It could be the world’s oldest trekking route. The historic Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route traversing northern Spain’s rolling golden fields and sunburnt monasteries.

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D – Dolomites

The unmistakable Tre Cime di Lavaredo might be the most recognisable silhouette in all of Europe, but the Dolomites have no shortage of jagged, white limestone spires overlooking green valleys.

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E – Everest Basecamp

The highest mountain on earth, Everest is the definitive base camp trek. Pass between the gargantuan icy peaks, visit colourful Buddhist monasteries and conquer this iconic trek.

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F – Mount Fuji

Mount FujiMount Fuji

Perfectly symmetrical Mount Fuji is the textbook volcano. What makes it special is the shrines and temples studding the trail, the magnificent sunrise, and the relaxing onsens (hot springs) after.


G – GR20

Notoriously vertigo-inducing, “Europe’s toughest trek” is starkly beautiful. Endurance and stamina are needed to secure the rewards on the GR20: horizon spanning vistas, sparkling lakes and dramatic rock faces.

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H – Himalaya

The Himalaya is on every trekker’s bucket list, and there’s a good reason why: towering spires of snow and rock standing sentinel over azure lakes, prayer flags fluttering on the wind, and almost endless trails.

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I – Inca Trail

Walk in the footsteps of history on the Inca Trail, past ancient ruins and through atmospheric cloud forests in the towering Andes, to arrive triumphant at magnificent Machu Picchu.

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J – Jotunheimen National Park

“The Home of the Giants” is a walker’s wonderland, carved by glacial arms. Expect lush greenery, multi-coloured lakes and a healthy dose of dramatic views over the gleaming fjords of Norway.

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K – Kilimanjaro

A trekking giant in more ways than one. It’s an enigmatic and evocative summit, a solitary volcanic peak unlike anywhere else on Earth.

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L – Ladakh

The lesser-known Indian Himalaya is a must for the off the beaten track trekking aficionado. Vast, echoing plains are surrounded by jagged multi-coloured mountains and steep, sparse passes.

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M – Mont Blanc Circuit

The Tour du Mont Blanc began with the Victorian explorers, in search of geological secrets. Now the route, which traverses six high passes and seven fertile valleys, is world-renowned for its beauty.

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N – Nanda Devi

View of Nanda DeviView of Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi is a hidden gem, a beautiful mountain surrounded by acres of alpine meadows, mammoth ice-covered ridges, and the spectacular Milam Glacier – a remote and rewarding hike.


O – Oman’s Grand Canyon

This little known balcony trek is one of the greatest secrets of the trekking world. Get off the beaten path and delve into Oman’s dramatic wadis and narrow gorges, then head for the open air as you trek along what’s known as Oman’s Grand Canyon. Truly spectacular, but you don’t have to share.

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P – Patagonia

Patagonia is a raw, almost empty realm of unfettered beauty. Vast rolling grasslands are interrupted by the jagged, monochrome peaks of the Andes, and the skies burn with beautiful sunsets.

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Q – Queyras

Trekking in the QueyrasTrekking in the Queyras

A forgotten corner of the Alps, the Queyras are a wild and wildly underrated. Alpine lakes, craggy summits perfect for scrambling and long deserted ridges: a bona fide treat for any serious walker.

R – Rysy

The highest mountain in Poland is a diva: Rysy is a tough, vertiginous scramble demands you earn the dramatic 360 degree panorama of more than 100 peaks, many lakes and into neighbouring Slovakia.

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S – Stok Kangri

This mighty 6,000m beast is a colossal achievement: a remote trek past rock cathedrals, huge valleys and the final exposed scramble up the snow-covered ridge, armed with ice axes, to the summit. Can you take on Stok Kangri?

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T – Toubkal

Step up to the challenge: Toubkal is your perfect first-time summit. Start in dusky pink Berber villages, moving steadily upwards to this usually sunny summit – a tantalising taste of trekking glory.

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U – Ugljesin Peak

Bosnia & Herzegovina may be over-looked but certainly not overrated: craggy limestone mountains and lush valleys, and Ugljesin is the perfect vantage point to survey the encircling panorama of peaks.

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V – Via Ferrata

Via FerrataVia Ferrata

Hikers with a head for heights should try Via Ferrata. Think serious scrambling clipped into harnesses. Follow WWII routes across the Dolomites, tackling iron ladders and precarious bridges.


W – Wall of China

Iconic, imposing, terrifying: the Great Wall of China is a monument to man’s ingenuity and ego. Trekking here is to tread upon history, from remote ruins to where it has been restored to glory.

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X – Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay is the rest stop a walker’s dreams are made of: an idyllic cove hugged by rugged cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque village is perfect to kick back with a drink or an ice cream in the sun.

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Y – Yellowstone

America’s first national park, Yellowstone dazzles and surprises: geysers, Grizzlies and glaciers at every turn, and no better way to traverse its scenic splendour than on foot, away from the day-tripping crowds.

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Z – Zugspitze

Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze is a Bavarian beauty: serrated teeth biting at the sky, glaciers icing the sides, and a whole network of cable cars ideal for whisking you up to the best viewpoints.

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