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2015 was a big year for our community projects. More money was raised than any other year to date – a mind-boggling £341,000. 

Your fundraising has contributed to so many projects all around the globe. You’ve ensured that children get hot meals at least once a day in Zambia, enabled 22 Kilimanjaro porters to attend English lessons during the rainy season to progress their careers, and helped jump-start a major tiger conservation project in India

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

The big news, of course, was the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal which claimed more than 9,000 lives. The reaction from you was phenomenal – over 3,500 individuals donated to our appeal, in an overwhelming response that touched all of us at Exodus and made it clear this incredible country had made an indelible impact on so many people.

So what difference has that phenomenal sum made to people’s lives? How does a number that huge translate into realistic, practical change?

We’ve put together our infographic for all that your generosity has achieved in 2015. We hope you enjoy it – thank you for making it possible. 

A Year in Responsible Travel InfographicInfographic

Browse some of our tours below where the money has been spent.