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Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc in Numbers Infographic

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The Tour du Mont Blanc – perhaps the most iconic trek in Europe. This magnificent loop shamelessly links up some of the finest alpine scenery in Europe – a ten-day tour de force of sweeping mountain passes, long gaping valleys and hulking rock formations brushing the clouds.

Overlooking the Brevant, Mont Blanc Massif 

It’s a two-footed fly-by of sparkling lakes where stoic old men fish, of breezy mountain tops where butterflies dance, and of fragrant pine forests leading to charming chalets with piping hot chocolates and cakes that come in slabs rather than slices.

It’s a trek where the next treat stop is never far away, where you’ll hear international chatter of other trekkers along the way, where the view is constantly surprising you at every turn. How can you sum up a trek of such grandeur in one image? Simply put, you can’t.

So we’ve pulled together our Mont Blanc Infographic to try to give you some tidbits of information about this truly remarkable trail. Struggling to read it?

Mont Blanc Facts

Mont Blanc InfographicMont Blanc Infographic 

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Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc

There are a number of ways to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc with us - whether you want to do the whole trek camping or in chalets, section-hike the best bits, or go self-guided, we have the perfect trek waiting for you.  

Browse all of our Mont Blanc trips below and plan your adventure.

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