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Here at Exodus, we are incredibly passionate about wildlife and the conservation efforts to save it. On 29th July we’ll be shining the light on just one species that desperately needs our help, a species close to the hearts of everyone working at Exodus, and one that is teetering on the edge of extinction – the Bengal Tiger.

Saving the Bengal Tiger

Over the past ten years, our wildlife photographer and guide Paul Goldstein have gone to extraordinary lengths to save these big cats. He’s run marathons, walked from Brighton to London and even climbed Kilimanjaro – all with a 15kg tiger costume on his back!

He’s been outspoken on his campaign to save these much-loved predators and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about their plight:

Hunters illegally poach tigers for medicine and to profit from sales of their fur, teeth and claws, while the species is also losing its natural habitat due to industry destroying the forests where they live. Using tigers in traditional medicine is sheer lunacy. It has no value in any shape or form. Tigers could easily become extinct but if we act now, these beautiful animals can definitely be saved.” ~ Paul Goldstein

You can read more about our tiger conservation efforts.


International Tiger Day InfographicInternational Tiger Day Infographic

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On top of our ongoing efforts to help India’s tigers, this year we’ve also produced a special International Tiger Day infographic for you all to share on 29th July – we want to get #InternationalTigerDay trending everywhere!

Share it on Facebook, tweet it to your followers, pin on your Pinterest board – we don’t mind how you use it, we just need your help to tell the world that tigers are WORTH MORE ALIVE!

Young Bengal TigerYoung Bengal Tiger

Exodus Tiger Safari Holidays

Do you dream of one day seeing a tiger prowling in the wild? Our sensitively-run tiger safaris maximise your chances of seeing these beautiful big cats by visiting the best parks at the best times of the day. Plus you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge you are travelling with a responsible tour operator with a strong track record in tiger conservation.

We are also members of the highly-respected organisation Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT), and we’re thrilled to say they awarded us their ‘International Wildlife Tour Operator’ Award in their TOFT Tigers Wildlife Tourism Awards – an accolade we are incredibly proud of.

Browse our tiger safaris below and see them for yourself in the wild.