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Bring a smile to the face of the globetrotter in your life with our carefully selected Christmas gift ideas for travellers. Ditch unimaginative gifts and the consumerist approach to the season of giving this year with our Christmas gift guide for the traveller in your life.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

Though many of us no longer carry cash at home, a certain amount of foreign currency is invaluable when you’re travelling. Instead of buying someone a specific item, why not exchange a sum of money into the local currency of their next destination? You still end up with something to unwrap on the big day, and you’re contributing to their trip – not their clutter.

Exodus Tip! Check out Money Saving Expert’s travel section for the most up to date recommendations for where to exchange your money to get the best value.

Solar Charger or External Battery

External Battery Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

Never run out of juice again. A rechargeable power bank is the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly on the move – and a more environmentally friendly solution than carrying hordes of spare batteries. Go one step further and invest in a solar charger for extra renewable resource points. 

Exodus Tip! Anker power banks have seen us through some high altitude treks and are widely available online. Prices range between £15-£30. 

An Experience

Hot air balloon flying over rock landscape at Cappadocia, TurkeyBalloon flight over Cappadocia

We’re familiar with the experience days at home, but why not go global? Giving someone the gift of a sunrise hot air balloon flight (Cappadocia, pictured), a morning’s white-water rafting, or an extra game drive on safari is a thoughtful, exciting present to enjoy on the next adventure.

Exodus Tip! If it’s an Exodus holiday they’ve picked, you can download the trip notes from our website, where you’ll find optional extras and a guideline cost. Prices vary enormously depending on the destination and the experience. It could be as little as £5 for a tour of a coffee plantation in Peru, up to £230 for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon in the USA or £300 for guided helihiking on Tasman Glacier in New Zealand. A hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia (pictured) is approximately £155. 


Christmas Gift Guide

A Steripen is the traveller’s best friend when it comes to safe drinking water. The Steripen uses a UV lightbulb to sterilise water in 500ml or 1-litre batches no matter where you are in the world. Not only does it give you the flexibility to sterilise water as and when you need it on the go, but it means you’ll never need to buy one-use bottled water ever again – thus reducing your plastic footprint and your outgoings in one fell swoop.

Exodus Tip! A Steripen Classic will set you back around £60, but members of the Exodus Collective rewards scheme are entitled to 15% off all purchases at our trusted partner, Cotswold Outdoor. Perfect for any gear purchases this Christmas.

Reusable Travel Miniatures

Travel Sized Bottles Miniatures Christmas Gift Guide

The perfect stocking filler style gift! Reusable travel bottles are great for both the recipient and for the environment. Decanting your preferred shampoo and shower gel, moisturiser or even perfume into a travel miniature became popular for travellers dodging the baggage fees, but it’s a great way for the adventurous travellers to travel light on their escapades even when you have hold luggage.

Having reusable bottles means you get your own choice of brand – plus, you’re using fewer resources and creating less waste by choosing a reusable option.

Collapsible Day Bag or Tote Bag

Canvas Bag

A small foldaway bag is a lifesaver whilst you’re travelling. They’re infinitely useful, pack away tiny and hardly weigh anything – which means you don’t need to use plastic bags whilst you’re abroad. They look nicer than plastic and you can even choose a design that reflects your own style.

Make a Promise

Christmas gift

Choose a destination and make a pact: we’ll make it happen. The most thoughtful present you can give is your time – and for friends or loved ones who love to travel, this can often be the most exciting present of all.

Been meaning to get round to a safari for years? Or sworn the two of you would one day conquer that mountain? Let your Christmas present this year be determination. Make a decision, make it happen – and instead of buying things, create memories together.

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