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With so many gorgeous locations to visit and thrilling activities to take part in, knowing where to begin in the Alps can be a daunting task.

If you can’t make up your mind, check out this handy bucket list..

Top things to do in the Alps before you die!

Summit Mont Blanc

Trekking Mont BlancTrekking Mont Blanc

The ultimate Alpine challenge – summiting the tallest mountain in Western Europe is no trivial matter.

The great white mountain poses a genuine challenge, and certainly requires significant mountaineering experience. However, after the months of training and the grueling yet invigorating climb itself, the euphoric rush of reaching that snowy pinnacle is sure to be one of the highlights of your life.

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Complete the Mont Blanc Circuit

walkers on the summit of mont blancWalking the Mont Blanc Circuit

Many years of experience taking people around the Tour du Mont Blanc has allowed us to fine-tune this famous circuit to absolute perfection.

Over mountain passes, below glaciers which creak and groan under their own colossal weight, through villages and meadows straight from a romantic painting.

Meander at a measured pace through the finest Alpine scenery that Switzerland, France and Italy have to offer.

Ascend the world’s highest vertical ascent cable car (Aiguille du Midi – 3,842m)

Aiguille du MidiAiguille du Midi

Though it hasn’t been the highest since the 70s, the Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi is still a record holder, covering the largest vertical ascent of any cable car in the world.

You hang high above the vast emptiness, climbing steadily towards the “Needle of Midday”. As you admire a bird’s-eye view of the craggy pinnacles of the Alps from a position of safety, there’s no finer way to appreciate the sheer scale of this awesome range.

Cycle Mont Ventoux

cycling mont ventouxCycling Mont Ventoux

If you prefer two wheels to two feet, Mont Ventoux is for you. The “Giant of Provence” has pushed its rocky faces high above the surrounding landscape, and has stood sentinel over thousands upon thousands of passing cyclists.

Follow in the tracks of the greatest athletes of the Tour de France as you pedal your way through this challenging but worthwhile route.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbingIce climbing

Picture yourself standing at the foot of a towering cliff of sheer ice. Your mission: get to the top. Every swing of your ice axe reverberates up your arm.

You carve your own path up the surface, and before long you find your stride – adrenaline runs through your veins – your equipment becomes an extension of yourself – there is nothing but you, and the ice.

Then you reach the top, and success has never tasted sweeter!

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