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Walking Holidays in Iceland

Iceland Walking Holidays

Simply put, Iceland is a land like no other, a country forged by the inferno of the Earth's core and sculpted by giant glaciers – and it is still a work in progress. Here, eruptions are commonplace: some go unnoticed beneath the massive icecaps while others literally blacken the skies, and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is literally rending the country apart. Our Iceland walking holidays treat you to a panoply of impressive geological features, from enormous thundering waterfalls to explosive geysers.

Call it walking, hiking or trekking, it has long been in the blood of the people here, so why not share in their passion and join one of our Iceland walking trips?  

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Best Walking Holidays in Iceland

Iceland's Laugavegur Trek

3 reviews

One of Iceland's best-loved treks through unforgettable landscapes.

Walking & Trekking
Activity level:
Moderate / Challenging
Ages: 16+
7 Days from $3,779 USD
Guided (Incl. Taxes)
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A fascinating introduction to the varied landscape of Iceland's interior with a good range...

Paul Walsh, 2022 Iceland's Laugavegur Trek

This was an unexpectedly challenging trek across a mix of terrains in the Laugavegur region of...

Christine Gausden, 2019 Iceland's Laugavegur Trek

A five day walk through the land that allegedly inspired JRR Tolkien to write "Lord of the...

Ian Hudson, 2018 Iceland's Laugavegur Trek