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Holidays to Skogafoss, Iceland

Skogafoss is a stunning place to visit while on your Icelandic adventure. Call the travel experts at Exodus and discuss the options to suit you. Iceland's coasts are dotted with waterfalls reflecting the rapid rise of the land following deglaciation at the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. Some of the waterfalls are marked by a rusty brown streak on the rock cliff and this reflects the origin of the water draining boggy areas where significant iron is in solution. This is quickly oxidized upon contact with air and the insoluble oxidized iron precipitates as rusty iron oxide on the rocks. The rocks at Skogafoss are black to brown, not rusty, reflecting the local absence of bogs above the falls.

Discover Iceland

Discover Iceland

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $4,105.00

Explore the best of southern Iceland

  • Discover the 'Land of Ice and Fire'
  • Explore the best of volcanic southern Iceland
  • Natural phenomena and cultural highlights
Grand Tour of Iceland

Grand Tour of Iceland

15 days Excl. flights From
USD $7,435.00

Encounter a unique Icelandic culture in a land like no other

  • See glaciers, icecaps, volcanoes and geysers
  • Bathe in The Blue Lagoon and countless other heated pools
  • Discover Reykjavik
Iceland Walking Explorer

Iceland Walking Explorer

14 days Excl. flights From
USD $5,365.00

Waterfalls, Volcanoes, Geysir and wonderful National Parks

  • Explore volcanic landscape
  • Trek mountains ice caps and glaciers
  • Enjoy national parks and mighty waterfalls
Iceland Northern Lights

Iceland Northern Lights

5 days Excl. flights From
USD $2,785.00

See Iceland's best sights in one weekend

  • See glaciers, lava tubes and waterfalls
  • Experience unrivalled natural phenomena
  • Search for the Northern Lights
  • Flybus transfer to meet any flight
Southern Iceland Winter Explorer

Southern Iceland Winter Explorer

8 days Excl. flights From
USD $3,485.00

Discover waterfalls, geysers and glaciers in Iceland

  • Marvel at the volcanic landscapes
  • Discover waterfalls, geysers and glaciers
  • Search for the Northern Lights

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