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Fishing boats, Gambia


Tours in Gambia

Enveloped by Senegal, Gambia is said to be one of the smallest countries on the continent. But, what Gambia lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its silky stretches of golden sand, blue lagoons and quaint fishing villages. Apart from its blissful landscapes, this little slice of Africa also offers unrivalled wildlife encounters of hippos, Nile crocodiles, chameleons, green mambas and red colobus monkeys swinging from tree canopies.

The Abuko Nature Reserve, however, is every birdwatcher’s paradise. Boasting over 290 species, this tropical jungle is teeming with violet turacos, Abyssinian rollers, the African paradise flycatchers and the Giant Kingfisher. With the opportunity to watch traditional Jola dancing, explore its beautiful waterways on a pirogue and the chance to enjoy palm wine tastings, you’ll soon find Gambia is the perfect African escape.

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