Bridge on the Mont Blanc Circuit, France

Walking Holidays in France

France is the most popular holiday destination for UK residents. Its proximity helps, but the huge diversity of attractions gives France a very wide appeal. Exodus offers a varied range of walking and trekking trips to the French Alps, the Pyrenees and Corsica. Whatever you choose, there is always fine food and wine on all of our holidays in France.  

The Pyrenees

Stretching from the Atlantic Coast to the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees form a natural border between France and Spain. They are a mountain range renowned for their mixed limestone and granite geology, rugged peaks, deep canyons and almost endless opportunities for activities and exploration.

Except for a couple of hot spots, they remain wonderfully secluded. As well as the breathtaking scenery, the Pyrenees offer a wonderful chance to see the diversity of the French and Spanish people, with strong influences of the Basque in the West and Catalan in the East. 


Part of France but distinctly different, influenced by Italy but not Italian, the Corsicans have a language, culture, cuisine and way of life all of their own. The mountainous island of Corsica offers majestic landscapes and varied terrain for walkers.


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The GRs

The famous Grande Randonnée GR long-distance walking routes criss cross the whole of France. There are almost 60,000 km of GR walking routes with easy to follow white and red waymarks. Some of the GR long-distance routes are also part of European walking route network. France has five European long distance walking routes passing through the country, the E2, E3, E4, E5 and E9. Two famous GR routes are the GR10 that traverses the full length of the Pyrenees and the GR20, also known as 'Fra li Monti' among the Corsicans, arguably the finest and toughest waymarked trail in Europe. Established in 1972, this spectacular footpath traverses the Corsica diagonally from north to south, offering a great variety of landscapes and terrain. 

Lonely Planet lists: The GR20: The best trek in the world (Nov 2010)

France Walking Adventure Holidays

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