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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Capturing rainwater to support community gardens before the dry season 

When Malaysia was placed on a strict Movement Control Order in response to the pandemic, interstate movement was limited. This affected many locals economically and caused their food supply to be badly disrupted 

In response local Exodus leader, Wye Wong, worked alongside the local community to build a community garden with a mission to enable a more sustainable lifestyle for the 360 households living in this community. With the support of the Community Kickstart Project, Wye will work with local people to install a rainwater harvesting system to capture enough water before the dry season begins in January 2021 – ensuring the gardens continue to support the local residents, minimising the pressure on the local water systems and educating people on environmental care and food cultivation 

“The urban community garden was initiated with a mission to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle amongst the local residents. This includes knowing where food comes from, reducing rubbish thrown into landfill by composting and giving local residents, especially the low-cost housing flat owners, an opportunity to save money by growing their own food.”  

- Wye Wong, Exodus Tour Leader  

The community garden is located within a low-cost housing project, home to up to 360 families. Wye, along with other local volunteers and the Malaysian Nature Society, continue to hold workshops and tuition on growing for home. 


£100 could pay for a water boost pump for irrigation of the community garden.