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Food Aid for Trek Staff in Morocco

Food Aid for Trek Staff

Distributing emergency food baskets to trek staff and their families in Morocco

Morocco was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically impacted local villages such as Armed, Tachedirt, Azzdn and Tmigst, who heavily rely on tourism as a source of income. Exodus trek staff, in particular, have been out of work since the pandemic and the lack of government support and limited employment opportunities has left many of them unable to afford the basics. When trekking restarted in September 2021, this was a huge relief for the people of the region and they began to get back on their feet, until Morocco made the decision to close its borders once again, without a sufficient support scheme in place. Through our local operator, Exodus supported the distribution of emergency food baskets for a crew of 44 local people before the Holy month of Ramadan began and food prices started to increase. Each parcel contained essential items such as flour, sugar and oil to help them feed their families until trekking resumes again, which we hope will be in the not too distant future. 

“The pandemic has been devastating for the Exodus trekking crew, they haven’t been able to work for almost 2 years. We all had hope that we will be able to run a few trips during the winter season but unfortunately, Morocco closed their borders at the end of November and only opened them again in February. The food baskets arrived on time, there is a big price increase on essential products and the Holy Month of Ramadan is starting in a couple of days. This trekking crew is thankful for the initiative, this aid was so vital before the start of Ramadan.”

Hassan Errami – local trek staff, Morocco

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