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Holidays to Lalibela, Ethiopia

  • Monk, Lalibela, Ethiopia
  • Rock-cut church, Ethiopia
  • Rock-cut church at Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is famous for its cluster of rock-hewn churches - the world’s greatest religious historical site and Ethiopia’s top attraction. The churches are mostly cut from solid rock, and therefore have the appearance of being underground. The most famous church is Bete Giorgis (St George), carved in the form of a Greek cross. It is exceptionally well preserved and visually the most perfect of them all. The churches are quite dark inside, with little artificial light, and in some cases not much natural light either. In each one there is a resident priest, who is usually happy to put on richly embroidered vestments and pose for a photo with his crosses, ancient bibles and sunglasses (due to constant camera flashes!). Although the churches are remote, they are not short of worshippers: most Ethiopians, certainly of the older generation, are devout Orthodox Christians, and the services in the churches on religious festivals are of marathon length: sixteen hours for one service is not unusual!

Lalibela Adventure Holidays

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