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Lake District Chile

Lake District

Lake District Adventure Holidays

You see a heck of a lot of Chile. The Atacama and Patagonia were particularly amazing. There is a lot of travel, both internal flights, and driving in mini buses. We had 12 in our group, so usually had a couple of empty seats on our mini buses. I’m glad we didn’t have 16, though perhaps then we’d have gotten slightly larger buses.

DD Roberts Discover Chile

An excellent introduction to Chile, it was very interesting to see the different climate regions, desert, Santiagio, Lakes and Patagonia. The group blended particularly well together. There were plenty of great photography moments. Felipe (our guide) was excellent.

Jonathan Perks Discover Chile

We booked our own flights with BA and flew direct from Heathrow to Santiago and back again with no problems. We were told to beware picking up a taxi at the airport so pre booked one with Exodus. It was not there when we exited the airport and we had 15 minutes of hassle from taxi touts before it arrrived. Not a good start. After our Day Visit to Valparaiso we were told to be in the Hotel lobby ready to leave at 9.00 am for our flight to Calama. 3 hours later we get a phone call ( or note pushed under the door) to say the flight has been changed and we are now to meet at 4.00 am !!!. This happened with 2 more of our scheduled flights leaving earlier but only being told at the very last minute. On one flight we did not get the late message at all and had a 5am knock on the door whilst still in bed, saying the coach was waiting to leave. In the scrabble to get dressed and pack our cases my wife lost an expensive braclet. These last minute flight changes also meant missing 3 decent hotel breakfasts and instead having a “picnic” box of a dried sandwich, biscuit and drink. Most went into the bin. As a consequnce of the early departure from Calama, we then had to wait over 4 hours in Santiago airport for our connecting flight to Puerto Montt. Fortunately the group did not let it spoil our holiday and the Atacama and Patagonia were both excellent experiences. We have been on about 20 guided tours all over the world (including 6 in Central/South America )with various companies and have graded them 4/5 stars. This was our first with Exodus.

colin weeden Discover Chile