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Cycling Holidays in South Africa
Cycling in South Africa

Cycling Holidays in South Africa

South Africa Cycling Holidays

Top 5 Experiences on Cycling Tours in South Africa

Cable Car Ride up Table Mountain: Looming over the city of Cape Town, Table Mountain is one of the most famous mountains in the world, known for its unusual flat top. The summit lies at just over 1,000 metres but the views over the city, coast and the surrounding landscapes are phenomenal. Riding the cable car to the plateau is a smooth journey that lets you soak up 360-degree panoramas incorporating the Lion’s head on one side and city skyscrapers on the other.

Cycling Along the Franschhoek Pass: Located between the Wemmershoek Mountains and the Franschhoek Valley, the Franschhoek Pass snakes along the north of the Franschhoek Mountains to almost 2,500ft. Also known as Lambrechts Road, the pass is a favourite with avid cyclists owing to the extraordinary mountain views that reach across valleys and gorges.  There are also switchbacks and corners along the route that add to the thrill of the ride and returning along the Villiersdorp side introduces you to some of the most beautiful scenery when cycling South Africa.

Cape Peninsula Ride: Incorporating some of the most beautiful views in South Africa, the Cape Peninsula is a stunning route for cycling. Ride through the Cape Point Nature Reserve which lies at the tip of the peninsula and along the picturesque coastal road where vistas seem to stretch on forever. At Cape Point, you’ll have the opportunity to spot local wildlife and a wide variety of flora. Keep your eyes peeled for whales as they swim through the waters in search of fish.

Cycling the Drakensburg: There are few greater adventures than cycling through the spectacular mountain scenery of Drakensburg. The area is famous for both its hiking and cycling routes that steer you between dramatic rock formations where you can see ancient rock art created by the indigenous San people. The area is also home to abandoned gold mines, wildlife-rich forests and cascading waterfalls. At every twist and turn through the mountainous landscapes, a new and wildly beautiful vision unfolds.

Game Drive in Kruger National Park: As well as giving you a well-earned break from the saddle, a game drive through Kruger National Park is filled with thrilling wildlife experiences. Begin your adventure early in the morning to increase your chances of spotting some of the world’s most revered animals as you go in search of South Africa’s famous Big Five: the elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Hiding in the mountains, forests and plains are hundreds more species of mammals and birds that live among the staggering 2 million hectares of national park.

A tough and rewarding pilgrimage through the spectacular Galician scenery. Some great food and drink, and many laughs with a group of like-minded cyclists.

Ian Williams Cycle the Camino de Santiago

Another memorable holiday with Exodus!
Vietnam has exceeded all expectations! Definitely one of my favorite destinations and one to strongly recommend.
Perfectly organized. We saw the modern and traditional side of Vietnam. We had the best support team on our cycling days!
We had good breaks between cycling and sightseeing days. We had the most relaxed leader CHI NGUYEN who allowed us time to ourselves, time to enjoy and do our own thing, which is something I appreciate a lot on holidays as the pressure of following the plan is sometimes too much in group holidays. Words are poor to express my gratitude to our amazing team of leader, mechanic, supportive staff.
The weather was as expected. Sunny and hot as it is in these countries. Our hotel rooms where fantastic air condition available , we had a swimming pool available in most of them .
Whale Island was beautiful and the people so friendly and welcoming.
The food!!!!!!!!! was just amazing! Every day we tasted a different dish. As a vegeterian I think I had the best menu choices. I can’t talk enough about the food in Vietnam. Back home for two weeks now and I am already trying all these amazing receipes.
Chi! (Chi Nguyen) : your kindness, calmness , confidence, knowledge, your talent, but most of all your humility as a person are impressive. I consider myself a very lucky lady to have met you and it was an honor to have you as a leader on our holiday.
Thank you for showing us your amazingly beautiful country!
Ey! our sweet smiling tender-hearted mechanic!
I wouldn’t have made it without your help and encouragement? Thank you for supporting us all, thank you for your patience , thank you for the smiles, the laughs !
Truong and Nhan !
You guys have earned a very special place in my heart!
You made the road easy to run with your positive energy, with your smiles and your kindness! Thank you for all the care, the fruit, the water!!!!!!,! But most of all thank you for being there!

The colours, the flavors, the views and all of you beautiful people, will stay in my heart for ever!
Definitely coming back to Vietnam very soon!
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AT EXODUS! I can’t praise enough your staff in Vietnam. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet theses wonderful people.


An interesting counter-point to the longer Balkans’ cycling trip, which finishes in N Albania. Mostly excellent routes (although traffic around the Ionian coast was sometimes awful) taking in the spectacular Vjosa river, Gjirokaster and the coast. Albania’s in the throes of a development revolution – go now before it’s completely overrun by N Europeans in camper vans

David Tompkins Cycling in Albania