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Cappadocia Holidays

Cappadocia Holidays

Cappadocia Adventure Holidays

Highlights of Turkey

Hot air balloon flying over rock landscape at Cappadocia, Turkey
15 Days from $ 2,979

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Visit some of Western civilisation's most iconic sites in Turkey


Walking in Cappadocia

8 Days from $ 1,599

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Trek through Turkey's amazing rock formations in Cappadocia

Walking & Trekking

Walking the Ancient Trails of Cappadocia – Premium Adventure

Premium Adventures


Explore the landscapes and cultures of historic Cappadocia

Walking & Trekking

All in all, an enjoyable trip with a very friendly group. Really interesting place to visit from a historical and geological point of view. As expected, the scenery is amazing.

Sharon Townend Walking in Cappadocia

The trip is varied with historical sites, geological wonders, cultural sites and scenic beauty. I particularly liked Pammukale, Cappadoccia, and the ancient cities.

Lance Carrothers Highlights of Turkey

6 days of walking. After the first 3 valleys they start to look the same (how many pigeon holes do you need to see?) but the group was great, and the guide was enthusiastic and patient, managing the fast walkers at the front, and the ones at the back who took lots of photos. He was very good at finding different places to eat, and it was great that food was all included so you just paid for extra drinks. Water was always available on the minibus so plastic waste much reduced. If you are vegetarian expect a lot of vegetable stew and eggplant! There are some lovely churches to visit in the rocks (as in small places of worship with the remains of old frescoes dating back several hundred years, not churches as tend to be build here)

Yolanda Harris Walking in Cappadocia

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