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Monteverde, Costa Rica


Monteverde Adventure Holidays

Discover Costa Rica

15 Days from $ 4,399

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Experience the Costa Rican rainforest, mountains and coast


Natural Highlights of Costa Rica

8 Days from $ 2,979

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Jungles, mountains and coast: Costa Rica is a natural paradise


Costa Rica Adventure

Hanging bridges
15 Days from $ 5,149

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Natural highlights from the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast.


Pura Vida Costa Rica – Premium Adventure

Premium Adventures

Costa Rica
13 Days from $ 7,049

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

The best of Costa Rica from the Caribbean to the Pacific.  


If you have thought about visiting Costa Rica, then don’t put it off. We visited this delightful country in September, not apparently in the Wet Season, but in the Wetter Season! However, don’t be put off by that. When it rained (mainly in the afternoons) it did rain heavily and it came at a time for a welcome rest. But despite that we did achieve a tremendous amount, and it is worth noting that some things can only be seen at this time – eg turtles laying eggs in Tortuguero, and whales playing in the Pacific Ocean. Key to the success of our trip was Glenda, our outstanding guide (and a “good witch!”): she knew exactly where to go to see the sloth and baby feeding in the trees, where the ellusive quetzal could be found, how to hunt down the red-eyed tree frog at night; she was also an expert on the country‘s biodiversity guiding us through Rain Forest and Cloud Forest, identifying all the trees, ferns and plants; in addition, she was always on hand to save cameras dropped into lagoons, and advising how to order the best well-balanced meals in the Hotels, Lodges and Restaurants. Costa Rica was unforgettable in so many ways, and I for one was so glad to have chosen this Exodus Trip .

Paul Henderson Discover Costa Rica

A truly great nature holiday. We saw all of the wildlife listed in other reviews. A great group and an excellent leader. Sometimes it is when things go wrong when you find out if the travel company has sufficient support. 5 days into the holiday I caught covid. The leader and the local team came up with a plan that made sense where myself and my wife separated from the group and met up for the flight home. I am very grateful for the local support and for the hotel for taking a covid positive person. In the near future I’m sure covid positive people will carry on with the other guests but this was not the case on this holiday where government rules meant I had to isolate. Thanks Exodus and team.

Roy Easto Discover Costa Rica

This is certainly a trip for wildlife lovers, and on that score it certainly does not disappoint, though a good pair of binoculars is probably more important than a good camera. However, I think marketing this trip as something which can be enjoyed in the rainy season is misleading at best. It doesn’t just rain for a bit then the sun comes out – when it rains it can rain for hours and hours. While we were lucky in that in rained mostly at night on our trip, on a few occasions we were caught in it, and our trip was at the beginning of the rainy season.
The early starts were too early at times, and when you’ve just come on two long flights involving twenty four hours of airports, security checks, passports, flights . . . being told you need to get up for a 6.00am breakfast seems just cruel.
Our tour leader argued that because of the early sunset around 5.30 – 6pm we needed to make the best of the day light, which is a fair point, but our afternoon trips invariable finished well before dinner, so a later breakfast at say 8am would not really have created a problem.

John Colverson Discover Costa Rica