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Canada Wildlife Holidays & Tours
Canada Wildlife Holidays & Tours

Canada Wildlife Holidays & Tours

Canada Wildlife Holidays

Top 5 Experiences on Canada Wildlife Holidays

Whale Watching Boat Trip: One of Canada’s greatest inhabitants is the whale and there are few places as wild and wonderful as the Pacific Rim National Park to go in search of these incredible mammals. The park lies between the Pacific Coast and Vancouver Island and from the end of February to late May, grey whales begin their migration north. The best way to get up close to the various species of whale, including the humpback and orca, is on a Zodiac tour.  As you head out onto the deep blue ocean, you’ll have the opportunity to see whales swimming between the waves and watch sea lions basking on the headland.

Black Bear Watching: The American black bear is indigenous to Canada, Mexico and North America, and on our Canada wildlife tours, you’ll venture into the wilderness of Clayoquot Sound, which lies on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This is the gateway to unforgettable wildlife adventures and where you can set off on a thrilling Zodiac tour of the area. Passing by sheltered bays and inlets, watch black bears roaming free and scouring the beaches for shellfish, from the safe distance of the boat. It’s a moving experience to see these strapping bears in their natural environment.

Explore the Campbell River: On the eastern side of Vancouver Island, the Campbell River is a wildlife lover’s dream and has certainly been blessed by Mother Nature. It has earned its status as a designated Heritage River of British Columbia and ‘The Salmon Capital of World’. The area surrounding the river boasts some of the country’s most beautiful scenery and our wildlife tours guide you to the best viewpoints. Along the river and streams you’ll see the likes of seals, kingfishers, eagles and bears all swooping in to catch the salmon as they leap out of the water.

Boat Tour of the Orford River: British Columbia is one of the best destinations to see grizzly bears and it’s estimated there are around 10,000 roaming the land here. With the mountain scenery framing the water, you’ll be in awe of this wildly beautiful setting which creates the backdrop to a boat tour along the river.  An expert guide will steer you to a series of viewing platforms where you can watch bears in their natural habitat and feasting on the spawning salmon. Throughout this wildlife adventure you might also spy whales, dolphins, sea lions and porpoise.

Visit Quadra Island: Lying off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Quadra Island is a natural paradise, home to idyllic beaches and countless species of flora and fauna. You can reach the island via a ferry which takes you along the Discovery Passage. It’s not surprising the island is a popular destination for wildlife lovers owing to its pristine wilderness, friendly community and vast diversity of animals. Its lakes and coves are home to deer, harbour seals, peregrine falcons, river otters and oyster catchers, to name a few. One of the best ways to get up close and personal to the wildlife is on a sea kayaking excursion with an experienced marine observation guide.

The trip was absolutely wonderful. Julian Perry is so enthusiastic and so so knowledgeable about the wildlife and flowers of the Rodopi mountains it is impossible not to have a great great holiday. The hotel is comfy and the food is delicious and Mari and her team can’t do enough to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Sarah Chalmers Bulgaria: Realm of the Brown Bear

We had a wonderful adventure visiting four countries in Africa with our excellent guides Petrus and Ende. They worked tirelessly to ensure we were safe, well fed, comfortable and happy. Our group consisted of 8 of us plus the 2 leaders which made for a very comfortable time on the Bruck as we had lots of space. Our tents were new and very easy and quick to put up and take down. The campsites were all different and it’s hard to choose a favourite as they all had something special about them, they all had swimming pools and free WiFi (very slow and usually only at reception or bar). The showers and washroom facilities were sometimes excellent and sometimes basic but always adequate. The meals were varied with plenty of vegetables and salad and huge portions. This is an amazingly diverse itinerary, so well thought out, and you get to see the a range of different landscapes and incredible wildlife.

ANGELA HORTON Victoria Falls to Cape Town – Camping

A wide range of wildlife spotted. We were extremely lucky to see Wild Dogs twice, a good number of White Rhino in Umfolozi and significant herds of elephant, Zebra and giraffe amongst many other animals.
Also had a good sighting of lions on our last day in Kruger.
Andrew, very well assisted by Trymore, was an excellent guide full of enthusiasm and a great host. Food prepared at the sites was very good as was the choice of restaurants on the occasions that we ate in towns.
There was a good close up experience with dolphins in Mozambique and it was the dolphins that approached the guests rather than the other way around.
The border crossing from Mozambique involved a lengthy delay as it was a Sunday and many workers travelling across to South Africa.
The lodges used were comfortable and well located.
Overall, a highly recommended trip for those who love wildlife although as always sightings can never be guaranteed.

Keith Ginnaw Southern Africa Safari: Kruger & Coast