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walking in Japan

Japanese Alps

Japanese Alps Adventure Holidays

There are two reasons to go on this trip: in Spring for the Cherry Blossom, or later in the year to see the Snow Monkeys. We did the latter, and in fact the last departure of the year, the next being in April. We did not see any monkeys, and the people we spoke to, including the staff at the monkey centre, said that it was too early to see them. They come to a hot spring when it’s really cold. When we were there, it was not cold (avg 17 deg in the day), and in any case, the hot spring had suffered damage from Typhoon Hagibis and was not filling up. We spent a morning hiking to what was essentially a muddy pool for no reason. This was a real waste of time. Apart from this, the trip was enjoyable, but there are a number of free days which really should be filled up with – for example every person on our trip wanted to see Mount Fuji but we had to do that ourselves on a free day – I feel that this should have been part of the itinerary; the tour finishes in Tokyo with a free day on the Friday, and then another free day on the Saturday before being collected for the airport at 6.30pm. There’s lots to do in Tokyo, but we lost our guide before the tour finished. I don’t want to be only negative – we really enjoyed the vast majority of this tour, but it could have been so much better.

David Griffiths Ancient & Modern Japan

This trip was an excellent way to experience many different aspects of Japan, although I feel like I have only touched the surface, and I want to go back! Japan, the people, and the food are all truly wonderful.

Sasha Heriot Ancient & Modern Japan

This trip gives the opportunity to see a lot… which is great BUT I have to say it felt like we were running from place to place. Public transport is efficient but a little constricting. It would have been good to have a minibus in Kyoto as the traffic did not seem bad there. This then relieves the feeling of missing out on things as you are made to choose between things to do due to timings of buses/trains etc.

Beverley Evans Ancient & Modern Japan

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