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Kalahari Desert
kalahari desert

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert Adventure Holidays

Fantastic trip, camping most of the time allowed us to be on the heart of the wilderness. The tents are put up for you and have a camp bed and mattress . When we were at wild camps with no bathroom, a long drop was dug and a shower hung over a branch where possible. The camp food was simply excellent and the whole team looked after the group well!

Jacqueline Lesley Ruth Hayward Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana

Wow! What an incredible trip this was – one of the best I have been on. Yes, there are a lot of miles covered and a lot of time sat on the coach but it is absolutely worth it for the places that we visited and the things that we saw – from the lushness of the Okavango Delta, the tribal villages, the animals that you see roaming free, and the distinctness of the desert. Each place we visited was different to the last and felt like it gave us a good insight into the heart of both Namibia and Botswana. If you like taking photos – you will be in heaven! We saw so, so many different animals and birds, and the landscapes were incredible.

Jo Mildenhall Namibia & Botswana: Dunes & Delta

I have been on several Exodus trips but this adventure took it to a new level. The benefit of camping is that like-minded people tend to be attracted to this kind of trip, and on my trip, the group made it. I really feel like I have made 11 new friends and just two weeks after returning, we have plans for a Christmas meet-up. There wasn’t one person who complained about the early mornings, or the bush toilet, or the 39 degree heat. Our guide Brian was fantastic and the mokoro trips in the Okavango was a definite highlight of mine, as well as camp singing and dancing around the fire. In terms of animals seen, we were extremely lucky to see a leopard with her cub, a leopard with a kill, a pack of wild dogs stalking a wildebeest herd, countless elephants, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, lions, impala, kudu, vultures, baboons and 138 species of bird. We were also extremely lucky to have two avid birders in our group who were only too happy to explain each bird to us! Camp-life was brilliant and our support crew was excellent. Chef James managed to cook some beautiful campsite meals – much better than I’d eat at home! Curries, stir-fries, whole chickens, oxtail all loaded with roasted or braised veg. A must for anyone with a sense of adventure willing to rough-it for two weeks in return for going for a wee in the middle of the night under the Milky Way, hearing the lions roar from inside your tent and making new pals.

Louisa Green Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana