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kalahari desert

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert Adventure Holidays

These destinations especially the Okavango Delta were on my bucket list. It was a great holiday with great people but didn’t really live up to expectations. It goes without saying that the wildlife was unbelievable, and I had some truly magic moments spent watching 5 black rhino at the waterhole in Etosha and some close encounters with elephants in the Delta on a foot safari, but there is a LOT of driving on this trip with endless hours looking at the same scenery and much of it on very bumpy roads, a LOT of eating lunch in the truck/by the side of the road and a LOT of bush toilets – many of which were not near any bushes for the women to hide behind. Some of the places we stayed overnight were breathtaking like the tented tree houses by the lagoon and it would have been great to have stayed in fewer places and move less often. Don’t get me wrong, I am hugely grateful to have seen/experienced all the things I have seen on this trip and overall, it was an amazing trip. Final point…take less clothes than you think you need – wash stuff as you go along, plus add wet wipes, hand sanitiser and packets of tissues to your essential items list.

Suzanne Heath Namibia & Botswana: Dunes & Delta

An amazing, once in a lifetime experience which has left me humbled, speechless and overwhelmed in equal measure. From the landscapes of Brandberg to the wildlife and waterways of the delta and everything in between this truly is a trip to treasure I have fallen in love with both countries and will be back!

Shelley Binns Namibia & Botswana: Dunes & Delta

This is the second time I have been on this particular trip. As before it didn’t disappoint. The mokoro trip to the delta was magic. We were provided with copious wildlife sightings during our walks with a local guide. The camp was in a great location where a friendly elephant repeatedly wandered by during the day and also in the night. On the way to the Makadikadi pan we saw a large group of vultures on the roadside feasting on a cow carcass. It was like watching wildlife on one in the flesh. The pan when we reached it shimmered in the sun looking very unreal. The big skies gave us a breathtaking sunset. At Victoria Falls we had a restful day. We enjoyed visiting the Falls which were at their best “wet but still visible “ . We went on the zipwire across the gorge which was relaxing and scenic and allowed a good view of the Zambian falls. The evening meal at the Lookout cafe was delicious and the cafe very stylish. Returning to Botswana next day the optional cruise is recommended. The highlight of this was the sunset in an area rich in hippos and watching to birds fly to their roosts for the night. Next day after a long drive to Savuti we were rewarded with the sight of Painted Wolf puppies playing outside their den. I felt very privileged to see them. Next day they had left the den so we were lucky. A full day in Savuti allowed a sighting of wild dogs after a kill and lions contemplating a pursuit. Sadly this didn’t happen while we were there. Another drive to Moremi with a sighting of a secretary bird in the distance. We were fortunate to view crocodiles devouring a rotting carcass and performing classic rolls in the water to release the flesh. Our pre supper treat was another sighting of lions in the reserve. Next day we continued our game viewing but the major highlight came in the evening during supper. We had heard hyena’s in the night but this night a plucky hyena wandered into camp looking for scraps. During all this the food prepared by Abis and the rest of the crew exceeded in quality every restaurant we visited. The T bone was especially delicious.

Linda Kamal Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana