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Adventure holidays in Brazil

Top destinations in Brazil

Amazon Rainforest
Diamond Plateau
Chapada Diamantina

Top trips in Brazil

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure and wildlife holidays to Brazil. Compared with all the other countries in South America, Brazil is hell-bent on becoming an industrial power, and this dynamism is in complete contrast to the sleepiness of much of the rest of the continent. The Brazillian people are different as well, with origins from Africa, E... Read more

urope and Asia. Adventure travel in Brazil is invariably focused on Rio, but the great falls of Iguassu, the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon River are all worth an excusion. Iguassu are the most dramatic falls in the world, the Amazon River is four times larger than the world's second biggest, and, for wildlife viewing The Pantanal has no equal in the Americas. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this vast wetland is a truly unique environment, supporting an abundance of wildlife. Unlike the tropical jungles of the Amazon River Basin, The Pantanal is predominantly open allowing great opportunities to view the prolific bird life, mammals and reptiles that call this area home. Exodus Travels have a fabulous range of adventure and activity holidays to Brazil.

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Waterfalls are beautiful feats of nature, whether we’re talking thundering...
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