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Holidays to Russian Arctic

  • Zodiac cruise in the Sea of Okhotsk

The eastern seaboard of Russia dominates the North Pacific, yet is so remote very few ever visit it. This isolation has protected one of its most valuable assets - a vast wilderness inhabited by Kamchatka Brown bears, Red fox, sea otters, whales and an astonishing array of birds.

Little known outside of Russia and seldom visited by westerners, Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk dominates the Northwest Pacific. Bounded to the north and west by the Russian continent and the Kamchatka Peninsula to the east, with the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island guarding the southern border, it is almost landlocked. Its coasts are home to an abundance of wildlife, including seabirds in numbers rarely seen anywhere else in the world, and the beautifully marked and rare Ribbon seals.

The isolated and pristine Wrangel Island, untouched by glaciers during the last ice age, is a treasure trove of Arctic biodiversity and is perhaps best known for the multitude of Polar bears that breed here. The island also boasts the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus and lies near major feeding grounds for the Gray whales that migrate thousands of kilometres north from their breeding grounds in Baja, Mexico. Reindeer, Musk ox and Snow geese can normally be seen further inland.

Russian Arctic Holidays

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