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Adventure holidays in Nicaragua

Top destinations in Nicaragua

Ometepe Island

Top trips in Nicaragua

Nicaragua holidays from the travel experts at Exodus

Mark Twain’s 'earthly paradise', Nicaragua is lush and green, a land that offers plenty of rainforest adventure, tropical beach paradise and faded colonial beauty. Like Eden, Nicaragua has everything. In fact, the only thing it doesn’t have is crowds.

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d the violent images broadcast around the globe in the 1980s have kept tourists out of Nicaragua.

Ironic considering it now enjoys the lowest crime rate in Central America.

Nicaragua’s Top Adventure Holiday Experiences

1. Cultured colonial cities: Granada and Leon

If you love Havana, then you’ll die for Granada. The oldest city in Latin America, it’s awash with cobbled streets, grand colonial squares, carved wooden doors and elegant homes arranged around pretty courtyards.
Pick up a horse drawn carriage instead of a cab and head to the Parque Central and the impressive cathedral or appreciate the everyday beauty of the place, walking through streets, sampling delights from street stalls or dining in one of the many good restaurants.

Leon too, is highly photogenic. The intellectual capital of Nicaragua, this pastel-hued colonial city boasts excellent universities, art museums, historic landmarks and plenty of cultural events to keep you entertained.


2. The colour of life: Nicaraguan culture

Another legacy of the revolution is the spirit of the people; friendly, fiery, political and passionate about social justice, they’ll add life and spice to any adventure holiday in Nicaragua. Eat traditional food from street stalls; dishes of creamy curd, blackened plantain bananas, mango sprinkled with chilli and sticky barbecue chicken.
Visit the Masaya Market outside Granada where you’ll sample Nica art, handicrafts, local produce and more tasty treats including delicious pastries like Picos, sweetbread triangles flavoured with cinnamon.


3. Volcano trekking on Ometepe Island

Rising from cobalt blue Lake Nicaragua with its towering twin volcanic peaks, Ometepe Island is straight from a fairy tale. You’ll treasure the views of this ecological jewel on the lake.

On the island itself, you’ll find few tourist attractions but plenty of opportunities for adventure holiday activities with long expanses of beach, organic farms, thick jungle, hidden archaeological treasures and an active volcano too.

Depending on whether Volcan Concepcion happens to be erupting or not, you can make the exhausting but exhilarating ten-hour trek through the jungle to the top, accompanied all the way by flitting parrots and the cries of howler monkeys. Alternatively take a slightly less gruelling walk through the cloud forest on the inactive Volcan Maderas next door.

Of course, there’s also the option to relax on the lake shores, swim under gushing waterfalls or watch the violet and apricot sunset over Lake Nicaragua.


4. San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur offers well-earned relaxation for the adventure traveller should you choose to take it. There are a dozen or more glorious beaches where you can enjoy views of the crashing Pacific from a Tiki bar or luxury hotel.


Adventure Holidays to Nicaragua

You can take in the best of Nicaragua and join like-minded travellers on your pick of Central America adventure holidays to the region.

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