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Adventure holidays in Mongolia

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Gobi Desert

Top trips in Mongolia

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity, walking and cycling holidays to Mongolia. Mongolia is known for many things – the Land of Blue skies, the land of Genghis Khan, the Gobi Desert and more. Yet this country of just 2.2 million people, nestled between the two super-powers of China and Ru... Read more

ssia remains one of the world’s best kept travel secrets. A spectacular variety of landscapes, people and cultures await the intrepid traveller in this land where one can truly feel like an explorer from days of yore. Nomadic herders still graze their horses, sheep, yaks and camels and move their felt tents – gers – with the seasons. Mongolia is renown for its horses and horsemanship and with its tiny population, the ratio of horses to people is almost 1:1!


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Prince Siddhārtha Gautama - you might know him as Buddha...
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